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The Two New GuardYourEyes 12-Step Groups



Group A: Four Times a Week - Mon. through Thurs. 12 PM EST:
An i
n-depth 12-Step Big-Book Study Lunch & Learn, led by "Duvid Chaim"


Are you finding it too difficult to make a face-to-face SA meeting?


Do you want to be part of a fellowship of a small group of men who share your struggle?


Are you concerned about privacy and anonymity, but you know that you would benefit by working a 12 Step Program?

GuardYourEyes is proud to offer an In-depth B'Iyun 12 Step Big Book Study Lunch & Learn


Led by Duvid Chaim, an experienced 12 Step Program Sponsor and "Bucky", for those who are unable or unwilling to make a face to face meetings.


The Big Book Study Lunch & Learn (BBSL&L) uses the traditional and proven format used by millions of 12 Step sponsors and sponsees who have, with G-d's help, found recovery and freedom from their addiction.


The BBSL&L meets in a free conference call - 4 days a week, Monday thru Thursday at 12 Noon Eastern Standard Time.  The BBSL&L is a TEXT STUDY Chabura; based on the AA Big Book


We will cover 2 to 3 pages from the Big Book each day and WORK THE STEPS.


This program is a proven method of success! 


The latest cycle began on Monday June 29th. This is a Program for men who are willing to make a serious commitment to finally find the freedom from their addiction; as literally promised by the Program.


Call into our conference call at (760) 569-6000 - then enter 121318#.


Don't worry if you haven't joined us so far, now is a great time to start!


If you have any questions, please contact us.


"Keep coming back, because it works if you work it - and you're worth it!"


P.S. To receive Duvid Chaim's e-mails with exercises from his Lunch & Learn "Take out" menu, click here to join the group e-mailing list.



Group B: Once a Week - Wed 9 PM EST:
"Back to Basics - 12-Steps in 4 Weeks"
, led by "Boruch"



1) Has your fight against lust addiction become a journey to failure?

2) Do you find that you have to fight and struggle to stay sober?

3) Do you find that staying sober is as miserable as ever?

4) Do you sometimes feel that sharing in "the rooms" or on online forums is too focused on the problem and not enough about the solution?

5) Is your 12-Step program about nothing more than meetings, meetings, meetings or posting, posting, posting?

6) Are you in a 12-Step program for over a year and find that you have still not taken ALL 12 Steps?

7) Are you looking for a program with the energy and joy that come from a renewed connection with the Eibishter?

THE SOLUTION: BACK TO BASICS - The Life Saving Program

Take a proven program that is open to all, newcomer and old timer, whether you belong to a face-to-face 12 Step group or not. 


If you apply yourself to this simple program:

1) It will keep you sober and stop you slipping for the rest of your life

2) It will help you in all areas of your life

3) It will KEEP it Simple.

Join this program for at least 12 weeks, once weekly, either online here on GYE, by phone conference
(Wed. 9 PM EST), or both.


Note: after just once cycle you could be sponsoring others in this life-saving system!


To join this group, e-mail Boruch at:


Click here for the phone number and PIN # info.