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A website for Jews struggling to maintain their moral purity in today's world
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Comments from Jewish Leaders & Prominent Religious Therapists


Rabbi Avraham J. Twersky, world renowned leader in addictions, author of over 50 books and a true pioneer and Gadol in Klal Yisrael says:


Thereís no question that this is an excellent place to refer to, I may even possibly make some contributions to it.


I think that some of the guys in SA here have to know about this, I donít know if they do. I will try to get the word around.


Have a lot of Hatzalacha and Iíll try to and help in which ever way reasonably I can.


Click here to see some of Rabbi Twerski's advice on battling this addiction.



We deal with addicts. Our experience is that a majority of addicts have a sexual addictions of some type as well.
We see many "recovering addicts" who have never addressed their sexual acting out.
Your work is holy and so needed. Yasher koach.

I looked over your site fairly thoroughly. It is quite nice. I am very happy that something like this exists for people. One of the biggest stumbling blocks that people have to getting help is an anonymous place to go.

It shouldn't stop there though. When someone has this addiction, they need to get real therapy. I firmly believe though, that they may not get ANY help if they don't ever find you.

You may certainly use my name in your list of "haskomos". I am, of course, not a Rav, but maybe some of my credibility may help. Rabbi Twerski and I are in touch regularly  and I have a very solid track record of success.

Philip M. Rosenthal
Master Candidate for Mental Health Counseling
Computer Forensic Investigator
P.O. Box 89
Spring Valley, NY 10977

I first heard of your site from an ad on Yeshiva World News. I took a look and then passed it on to a patient who was discussing his difficulties in this area.

I see addictions as a manifestation of other psychological issues rather than as a distinct "disease" (which is more in vogue today). I believe that understanding the historical causes that made a person vulnerable to becoming addicted (as I discuss on my website re the Internet in the articles on "Chemical Imbalances" and "Off the Derech Teens" and the article on "Sexual Acting Out") is crucial to recovery. At the same time, I understand that specific, practical help for those struggling with the problem is an important part of the solution, which is why I am happy to refer patients to your site.

Hatzlacha in your important work,

Dr. Benzion Sorotzkin

(Click here for an article by Dr. Sorotzkin exploring the causes behind sexual addictions and therapy methods for dealing with it).

It is a zechus for me to know you
May Hashem give you contiued Bracha and Hatzlacha
Eli Nasan

Hi. I direct a team of twelve responders, answering "Ask The Rabbi" and "Contact Us" for We frequently deal with internet and pornography addiction and its destructive influence. Many also write to us for chizuk to break their addiction to masturbation. The guilt they feel is crippling. We believe we have helped many people get past it and on to better things. Dr. Leo Steiner just pointed me to your site and I am very excited that it's here. I hope we will be able to turn many people towards you. The only question: Why didn't I know about this a long time ago?

It's great to see that you are taking such a positive approach, with lots of up-talk, rather than the standard mussar shmooze.

Just the other day I saw a line from the Magid of Mezritch (Ohr Torah, Parshas Beshalach). To paraphrase: "The tzadik is the foundation of the world and all the world must bend to his will. And who is the tzadik? Anyone who is Shomer HaBris."
We certainly get a lot further by understanding the shomer habris as a hero, rather than berating those who are not.
-- Rabbi Tzvi Freeman for