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Accountability Software
The best solution for those who must have open internet access for work!

Note that, due to IRS regulations, we cannot provide direct links to for-profit companies.

Someone writes in the comments to this YeshivaNews article: Use a program that monitors what you do see, and that sends a link/info about it to a person whom you would not want to see it if you (G-d forbid) do anything inappropriate. This removes the possibility of you canceling it, because that person would see that you have cancelled it.

Another user writes: The idea that someone's Rebbe, father or someone they respect seeing what sites they go to is a very powerful deterrent (Yosef Hatzadik was stopped from sin by a image of his Father).


1) A wonderful accountability system that was set up by frum Yidden, for frum Yidden using the reliable and well known "Eye Covenant" technology (see number 4 below). It is being offered at a large discount price to frum Yidden, by virtue of the "Group Rate" price.


Webchaver is only $3.95 a month, and it can also be used on cellphones or PDAs (at no additional cost), as well as on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

2)  - Internet Accountability
Ayin Roah
means a watchful eye, and is based on the Chevrusa system of Talmud study. As their website states, "עין רואה Rabunim say a computer is user byichud" or prohibited to use alone. It is a service wherein clients have a chevrusa, or an internet "accountibility partner," who receives an email report of all sites you have visited.

3) PC-Pandora at - Great reviews!

The program will email out very frequent logs INCLUDING screen snapshots! This is done via a free AOL email (or a PAID Yahoo email - for those residing outside of the US and therefore cannot use the AOL free account) account. Beware that both the pc pandora site and even more so, AOL and Yahoo have pritzus on their email sites - however it will be a one time setup, in which afterwords it forwards to your own email account of your choice.

The accountability partner will have to handle the setup the download, passwords, configuration, as well as the new email forwarding account, so that you don't have control over it. (They do have a trial period, but it's free to test for only 120 minutes!)


4) eBlaster from


This invisible program lurks unseen on your computer, sending reports of every keystroke, including passwords, to an e-mail of your choice for your review. Your kid can’t defeat it — he doesn’t know it’s there. (It is advisable to let your children know that there is some type of monitoring taking place, in order for this knowledge to serve as a deterrent, without giving them enough information to allow them to override the monitoring). Get those reports. This software has saved lives. We recommend eBlaster (from It normally costs $100 but those ordering through Guard Your Eyes can call 888-598-2788 and give the code 1926 to receive a $20 discount.

5) - online integrity is a non-profit organization which exists to bring awareness, openness, accountability, and recovery to the church, society, and individuals in the issues of pornography and to begin to provide solutions through non-judgmental and creative means.

The user installs the X3watch software program on their computer and puts in the e-mail address of his accountability partner. Whenever the user browses the internet and accesses a site which may contain questionable material, the program will save the site name on their computer.

Every 2 week(s), the partner receives an e-mail containing all possible questionable sites the user may have visited.  This information is meant to encourage an open and honest conversation between friends and help us all be more accountable.  

For a great list of Internet Filter Resources compiled by - click here