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Jewish Filtering Options for the Religious Community in Israel
Find the one that works for you - and feel free once again!

Note that, due to IRS regulations, we cannot provide direct links to for-profit companies.

Before you decide which on is right for you learn the technical terms (like "black-List", "white-list", ISP, etc...)

Surfing without a filter is like this person...

1) eNativ ( - Tel: 1700-508-081 (In Israel).  - Client Based Filtering, whitelist only. NEW! Server-Based filtering newly available as well.

2) Internet Rimon ( ISP and filtering system (Tel. in Israel: 1-800-222-234. Tech Support: 03-7341222)  - Server Based Filtering with new technology - neither black list nor white list!
Rimon uses new, cutting edge technology to provide the first reliable filtering system that doesn't use only a white-list.
To see a video clip about Rimon from Arutz Sheva (in Hebrew), click here.
See also a Hebrew Article and Radio interview about Rimon on Arutz Sheva.

3) Moreshet (  - Server Based Filtering with black list or white list.
(ISP Filtering System that works through Bezeq-Ben-Leumi, Internet Zahav, and soon through 012 as well).
Tel: 03-6182327 Ext.#103 (or 1800-200-300 to get to the Internet Zahav division, ask for info on Moreshet)
Various Filter options available.
We, at, suggest the "Whitelist" option without a password (because if you have a password, you can change your filtering option to blacklist which is not fool-proof).

For a great list of Internet Filter Resources compiled by - click here