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Blocking Pictures

From "Out of the Mail-Bag" on

Dear Editor,

I enjoy your site very much and notice that your news is geared very much toward that of the Torah world. As such, I think that your readership may find the following information very helpful. There are some people who have internet access via a special filtered service, while others have installed filters. Either way, your may be interested to note that if you use Internet Explorer As your web browser and you wish to block all images, pictures, ads, etc. from your screen, you can do this as follows:

          1. Click on Tools.
          2. Click on Internet Options.
          3. Click the Advanced tap (top right).
          4. Scroll down half way through the list and uncheck "show pictures.
          5. Click Apply or Okay.
          6. Press the refresh button on your browser window.
          If you need to see a kosher image, you can simply go back and check the "show pictures" button.



Someone else posted there:


Better yet -- use the Firefox browser with the following 3 extensions: Adblock Plus, Flashblock, and ImgLikeOpera.
These will automatically filter out most ads, and give you control over the other content.



Another post:

This Firefox add on adblock plus is great for blocking out non-appropriate images and ads.