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Internet Filters
Feel Free Once Again!

The very first step to recovering from a pornography addiction is to install a reliable internet filter. It is never safe for an x-addict to have open internet access, leaving the forbidden images too easily accessible and basically impossible to resist. Even for non-x-addicts, the lure of the forbidden is a stumbling block for many. To see how widespread the problem is, click here.

1) What's available? - We bring you over 20 different Options below. Find the right one for you & your family.

2) Information on Internet Filters - Learn the Technical Terms!

3) Click here for advice on what to do with the password to your filter

4) Click here for advice, if you feel filters are not fool-proof enough for you.

A) Talk-Back - Read some comments from people about the importance of filters

B) Click here to see how widespread this problem unfortunately is today, in the religious world.

C) Click here to see what the Rabbanim are saying.

D) What are the ultra-Orthodox doing about it? Click here for excerpts from an article in Ha'aretz, brought by and here for an article from

Click here for another helpful site to find filters.