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Filter Passwords

For anyone serious about using internet filters to save them from sin, it is vital that they not be the holder of the password to the filter. One should ask his wife, or someone else who lives in his vicinity, to hold the password for him. If you don't have someone in the vicinity who can do this for you, create a random password and have it e-mailed to a sponsor. We can be the sponsor for anyone who wants. Feel free to use our e-mail address:

What if I need to see a legitimate site?

It is often possible to find a friend or relative who has open internet access, that you can go to when the need arises. However, it is helpful to make a vow not to ever browse the internet unless someone is in the room with you and can see the computer screen - if they would want to, without having to change their location (but not that they have to see it the whole time).

If you don't have someone you can go to, you can ask the person holding your password to put it in (without you looking) and STAY IN THE ROOM while you access the site you need. They should then put the password back in, or reset the filter level to high again, before they leave. If an e-mail sponsor is holding the password for you, you will have to e-mail the sponsor to send you the password.

To be sure you don't slip if you need to ask your sponsor to e-mail you the password, make a vow before asking for it, to use the password on that day only to open the site you need to access. Let the sponsor know that you have make a vow to this effect, so he can be confident you mean to stay clean. Also, give the sponsor a good reason why you need the password. Once you get the password and do what you have to, make a new random password and have it e-mailed to your sponsor again.


- When installing the filter, do NOT enter your own e-mail address. Otherwise, when you feel weak you may find yourself asking them to e-mail you the password. When installing the filter, make a random password that you can't remember and enter your sponsor's e-mail address into the program (, NOT your own.

- Since you need to confirm the password during the installation, copy the password after making it, and then paste it in again. (Then get rid of the clipboard info).

- Also, set the filter to the highest protection mode. Less than this is often not sufficient.

"UTS" posted on the forum:

For a good internet filter, try Bluecoat k9. It is free. I have it and gave the password to at least 2 people.

You can block key words with k9 too. Just get rid of the code right after you do that. And get someone else's email as the one that is associated with your account at k9, so you can't get the password emailed to yourself.

When I need a site opened, here's what I have done. I actually trust myself for a few minutes, (some people might want to make a shavuoh), and get the password from someone who I gave it to. After the adjustment, I destroy it. I only do this because I cannot convince anyone to actually come over to my house and do it himself, and I live alone.

I hope I would be able to find someone who would actually come over himself if that became necessary often. But, it hardly is ever necessary to make any changes in the k9 filter, as I set it up "custom".

The other suggestion is to leave the pw somewhere where you can get to it, but with difficulty, like a mile away or further from where you ever are, or something like that. Even better, in a shul 10 miles from you. AND you know that you will destroy it right away. This suggestion is only a last resort.

However, you should not have too much trouble finding someone you can trust with the password to either keep it for you or preferably actually make any adjustments for you or while he is watching. Especially with remote (computer) capability. ( I wish I knew how that works.)

"MDM" posted this great idea on the forum:


I just found a program which allows you to can actually type on someone else's computer: TeamViewer. Get it here.
And here's another one that may be even simpler to use (no install required): ShowMyPC. Get it HERE.

A) So all I have to do now is...
   1) Insert my sponsors email address in the K9 filter

B) And when I need to edit the filter...
   1) Send my sponsor an email requesting the change
   2) He responds with some Chizuk and warnings
   3) We connect through the program (the code changes every time for security)
   4) He edits the filter accordingly, for 15 minutes or so. (See here for a screen shot of where to set it to 15 minutes)
   5) Then I use the site I need until the change expires
   6) Every thing returns to safe mode again