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So many Jews out there are drowning! If you feel strongly about the need to do more in light of these burning issues in today's world (all the religious leaders are crying out!) And / or if you struggle in these areas too and want to be helped by Hashem through the merit of helping others...

Please help us to do so much more and spread Chizuk (strengthening) throughout the Jewish world with your donations! We need to boost awareness about the seriousness of these issues. We need to boost awareness that it IS possible to be helped! We want to spread the word about our site throughout the Jewish world, but we simply don't have the funds. You can help. Click the PayPal buttons above.

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There is so much that we at want to do to help Yidden in these areas. The plague of internet addiction is by far the most destructive force today in Klal Yisrael. Everyone is crying out against the internet (which is here to stay whether we like it or not) but NO ONE is doing anything concrete in the Orthodox community for those who have already fallen in. And the younger generations stand almost no hope NOT to fall in! 

Our organization is the only one in Klal Yisrael today addressing this need. And as much as we do, it is just a drop in the ocean. We need to raise funds to open a center that will have a whole web-development department for our multiple websites, forums and hundreds of articles, and a publishing department for books and pamphlets (off-line). I already have enough material on our site for 15-20 books. And we want to have a PR department to spread the word and network with professionals and Askanim and Rabbanim, as well as a whole "prevention department" to address the need to educate the Mechanchim of this generation in the methods of prevention and treatment.

Our work was mentioned twice at the recent Agudah conventions by Phillip Rosenthal. Rav Zweibel asked Phillip about our work as well.. Hundreds of stories come in all the time about people who's lives have been turned around through our work. We desperately need the financial support of Klal Yisrael so we can meet the demand, which gets bigger by the day.

We have Haskamos from Rav Feldman, Rosh yeshiva of Ner Yisrael and a member of the Mo'etzes Gedolei Hatorah (click here to see), as well as from Rabbi Avraham Twerski, a Gadol and author of over 50 books (click here to see it).

We got this letter the other week:

I am a Rov, Posek, Magid Shiur and Mechaber Sfarim. I have thousands of talmidim. I have been unsuccessfully battling this problem for at least 40 years. I read thoroughly the GYE handbook and would like to make the author my Rebbe. "K'mayim korim al nefesh ayefoh", this masterpiece of Gadlus and Katnus has re-instilled a hope within me that maybe I can really be what my talmidim think I am. I pour out my heart to the Aibishter that one day I'll be able to help you rather than enlisting your help. I wish there were words to convey the magnitude of my bracha to you, for your hatzlacha is the hatzlocha of Klal Yisrael.

And this letter from someone not yet religious:

It means so much to me to be part of the GYE community, I think I brought much joy and inspiration to my daily SA meeting because of how good I felt inside to be sharing my journey of recovery with such holy and special Jews. Even as I write this I thank Hashem for such a wonderful gift. The GYE community has inspired me by demonstrating endless patience and tolerance with those who are struggling in their addiction and recovery. Never have I read an unnecessary harsh word, self-righteousness or judgmental comment, all I have seen is brotherhood, love, support, gentleness, respect, emunah and inspiration. I know that even if God forbid I make Hell my bed again, both the GYE community and Hashem will be there to lend me a hand. What a blessing.

In short, we at want to make a revolution in religious world today, and to give people finally some real hope in today's difficult world! There is really no choice. We must do this, for ourselves, and for our children! Help us to make these dreams a reality and help Hashem to spread Kedusha & Teshuva in the world!

Donate with the PayPal button on this page or write to to find out how you can help!

And in this Zechus, may you, your children and your children's children, be saved from the terrible fires of this last generation's greatest test.