Help us continue our holy work

Some people expressed an interest in donating checks cash or money-orders. They asked us for a mailing address, but  since the staff of GuardUrEyes prefers to remain anonymous, we came up with the following solution:

We contacted a Rabbi in Israel who is willing to help us and have donations sent to him. We explained to him that we run an organization that helps people and that we want to remain anonymous (without going into details). He was more than happy to help.

So, if you want to send a check, cash denomination or a money order in the mail, you can now mail it to:

Rabbi Yaakov Brandvein - for GUE (don't write "guardureyes")
Reitport 28/4
Betar Ilit 90500

Money Orders can be made out R' Yaakov Brandvein.

Click here to see an anonymous money order check we received.

If you want to send a regular check but prefer to remain anonymous, here's an idea:

You can tell a friend that you want to donate to a Chesed organization anonymously and ask them if you can use a check of theirs and give them cash (or a check of yours) instead. Then you can send a note along with the check that the check is not yours but from a friend. The check can also be written out to Rabbi Brandvein and sent to the address above.

Remember, every dollar can save another Jew! See here for some of the amazing comments people keep writing in!