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R' Shlomo Ze'viller

This is an awe inspiring picture of the holy Tzadik Yesod Olam, Rav Shlomo from Ze'vil. His eyes radiate holiness and fear of heaven. He passed away approximately 60 years ago during the Seffiras Ha'omer, on the day of Yesod she'be'Yesod (in the kabbalistic texts, Yesod represents the Bris).

Rav Shlomo had open Ru'ach Hakodesh and extremely holy vision. He worked his whole life on the aspect of holiness and purity amongst Yidden and with his own hands--and at his own expense--he built many Mikva'os in Eretz Yisrael. It was also known that he would achieve many miracles and salvations for Klal Yisrael through his immersions in the Mikvah. Many stories are told of him immersing when people needed help, and then, when coming out of the water, he would announce that this person will be Ok or the woman will have a healthy child, or whatever the case may have been...

The previous Belzer Rebbe, R'Ahron Rokeach, who also had open Ruach Hakodesh, Called R' Shlomo the "Tzadik Yesod Olam" even during his lifetime (before he passed away on Yesod She'be'Yesod). It seems clear that R' Shlomo had a soul that was connected to the aspect of "Yesod" - which represents "Shmiras Habris".

In his merit, may we all merit to guard our eyes properly and achieve true holiness and purity!