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Torah and the Twelve Steps - Sexual Addiction Rehab Program

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Torah and the Twelve Steps Inc is a faith based residential rehab for all addictions, integrating the spirituality and wisdom of the Jewish tradition with the 12-Step process to experience the complete personality change for permanent recovery. Our philosophy is completely within Torah observant Judaism but any commitment to religion is optional and on a personal basis. 


We are located in the Hollywood / Miami area in sunny South Florida, and our male only "sex addictions" track is designed to help you achieve healthy intimacy, resolve grief, trauma and other underlying causes of this illness. 




A minimum 30 day commitment is required with complete abstinence from all pornography, internet, TV, non-Jewish media and any sexual acting out, as well as complete abstinence from all mind altering substances.


40 hours of weekly structure with supervised housing that includes 25 One-Hour Groups / Individual Spiritual Counseling Sessions Weekly, 5 hours of interactive classes, twelve-step workshops, recovery coaching, physical education and attendance at 12- Step meetings daily.


We understand the desire for privacy and therefore, individuals who join our program would maintain complete confidentiality, whereby clients in other tracks (drug or alcohol rehab) would only know the nature of the addiction based on a voluntary disclosure.