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I'm a Porn Junkie!
Taken from the Forum at calmkallahs

Has any one beaten their porn addiction? If yes, what did you do? I need ideas. I keep trying promise myself it wont happen again and yet day after day i find myself on the computer doing it again and again and i end up masturbating. I have a very pretty wife i grew up not religious and i used to do it all the time i be came a bt at a young age and married a reg b"y girl she has no clue what's going on its really killing me i love her to death! if she knew about this she would cry her head off i don't want to do this anymore. i have a great sex life my wife is open to anything i just wish i can stop this are there a lot of ppl in this situation cant it kill my marriage i need help and i cant go and speak to anyone about this cause i am a well respected man in my community and a proud father of three pls guys answer me and help me get out of this mess this has been going on for some time now and it has to stop i will say this here today i hope today was the last time that i committed such a horrific act



I'm a recovering porn junkie, the big question is why....why do you do it. I did it out of severe depression, and it made me more depressed, so I watched more. What emotional need causes you to do it? (pleasure doesn't count)

Try learning the sefer Tahara Hakodesh (it's NOT breslav)

Find someone who if big enough to help you deal with this, only 1 person, preferably someone who doesn't know you your wife or your families. Go in person (schedule a 1 hr important meeting on a private subject you can't discuss over the phone), and make sure that person is of the caliber to help you, or will on his own initiative seek the council for you. Habah letahair Masaiyin lo!!!!!



I'm the top bachur in my yeshiva, I'm an alter bachur, and I'M a porn junkie. More chashuv ppl than me are heavily addicted. and if it ever comes to're gone. Your family will lose all respect 4 you, your every sexual desire will look like some pervert looking for's terrible.

Don't waste all your energies trying to stop, spend them on a "roadmap" to solve the problem. Daven hard, and if you ever hit rock bottom.,..Seize the moment. To to an empty makom kodosh, lock the door, and cry your heart out b4 the ribino shel olam (and turn of your cell b4 that.....just some advice, bring a thick stack of paper towels with you, you won't be able to say any more tehillim when you completely choke up)

Anyone who's got advice 4 me??!!! (Not practical advice like don't use the internet, and Keep hilchos yichud with the internet)...please give it.



I wrote this in a different topic but it applies here too.. I've gone to adult clubs had more than a dance some times & felt horrible after. What I've found to help is to say that if I do it again I'll give $50 extra to tzedakah & an extra hour or two of learning. We all are men with urges. Sometimes it is hard to resist. Hashem does forgive us though. You have to try not to again but think hard of a way to avoid those places. You don't just come across porn, or girls, or any other urges by chance. You had to drive to a place first, go online or something else. The next time you're in the car with that urge don't drive that way, just go do something else. Go bowling, shoot pool, or just get a drink at a sports bar (NOT AN ADULT ONE). For online porn, it really does help if you install a filter like K9 that blocks porn. Install a password & forget the password so you can't change the password. I hope you can work this out. Hatzlocha



I am in your boat and dying from this. I learn and pray and am clean and then the Yetzer Hara knocks the hell out of me. It is a fight for life, and all I can say is that I pray that my teshuva is accepted before I die.