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Be Strong, Girls
Taken from the Forum at
Written by Wife

I caught my husband too. I told him, "Either the computer leaves the house or I do!" He tried to convince me that he would stop, but I held my ground. So he sold the computer and I still have my husband. That was five years ago. Now that they have filters, we agreed to buy a new computer "for the kids" but with the condition that only I know the filter's code so that the bad stuff won't be seen. I also made by husband have his employer download a filter for the computrs at the office where he works. It wasn't simple to convince them, and my husband wasn't happy about being the office "Boy Scout" ruining things for the rest of the guys, but he did it and I think he is proud of it now. So my advice is - be strong, girls - don't back down, don't take a passive victim attitude - if you want your man you have to fight for him, even if you have to scratch out the eyes of your computer rival and its harem of adulterous lovers.