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Breaking the Habit
Taken from the Forum at

For many years i struggled with internet porn addiction and clearly had negative repercussions, physically and in spirit.

i have written several threads over the past six weeks or so (in expression of ongoing trouble), and thank G-d am now able to write positively: i have broken my addiction.

Spending plenty time reading articles (from this and associated websites, in addition to investing the time to working out what my life is all about (very in-depth/values/dreams and so on), prayer and meditation - including creating 10 Mental Barriers (this definitely worked for me; for the first time in many years i have founded consistency, strength and determination.

The T'shuvah is ongoing, and although i am currently single - i deeply want a home/family relationship of purity and modesty. recently, a gentile colleague was proud for have experienced a sex-show. whilst i felt sick, it actually hit-home.
this, in a virtual world, is what i had been associating my life with. Shame on me. it is painful to admit reality, but once you find it - the discovery of Emes by way of closeness to Hashem/Torah - it is clear, beautiful, serene and exciting.

I am now happy, content, and will not be looking back over my shoulder. because Hashem is with me, and b/c I will achieve and have a great lifetime. Pray for each other, and always carry (real) integrity

B'hatzlacha Raba. May you all live the life that you Really want