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Short Testimonials of Recovery


I have a great deal of hakaras hatov for this site and daily email. i'm a single 23 year old baal teshuva. i'm at a point where i have not been deliberately pogem habris through my own hand since before Elul, that's over two months. that's a big deal for me. yasher koach to you… “Adam L.”



I am a bachur and I was hooked on pornography for a few weeks about two years ago, then I hit rock bottom and sincerely regretted it. A few months later I fell again, and was hooked for a few days, then was sorry, and now it's been a long time that I'm guarding my eyes and am careful even in the streets were I look.



Hi ,
I am new here so please be understanding as I am not sure how this works. At 19 I stopped being motzi zer'a li'vatola (masturbating). At year 6 of purity from this sin I got married and I am still clean 2 years later and B'"H happily married.   I have been in control and free of this sin!! it is very possible… SurferYisroel



I want to share a technique that was very helpfull to me when I wanted to stop once and for all from masturbating. I commited to myself that every time I lose myself and do it I would give a substantial sum to tzedaka! After a while and working on being very determined I did it less and less often. Firstly, It was becoming very expensive, as I was keeping to my end  of the deal and giving the tzedaka! I could'nt afford to do it! After a while this kept me in line and helped me to cool off a bit, and that allowed me to focus on strengthening my self control. Eventually, with tremendous help from above I was succesful. It is now almost 8 years later and I have thank G-d been in control of myself!  It is very possible to do , dont let the wicked yetzer horah tell you otherwise. I was hooked to online porn and even just any visual stimualtion was enough to get me crazy. Plus unfortunately, I had been involved with guys too and that turn on made me crazy and made things double as hard to overecome!!

You can take control. It is exceedingly possible! I am living proof 8+ years in the making. I still live with the fear of messing up and I pray for help everyday. But my battle is from a different angle now. YOU CAN Do IT!! I have and you can too!