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Testimonials Page

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Some random choice testimonials about the GuardYourEyes network:
The website, the forum, the daily chizuk e-mails and the new handbooks.



Mevakesh writes:


Never in the history of Klal Yisroel have we stooped to such low and degenerate levels of znus, filth and such an impossible environment. But, as Hashem always keeps the cure close by, NEVER in the history of Klal Yisroel has there been such a power of good ready to combat the evils of the street. We all owe a tremendous Hakoras Hatov to Guardureyes, who has started a movement of good. A movement of Teshuva like never before. A revolution of Anti-filth! A real army ready, willing, worthy and able to fight, capture and slaughter the Yetzer Hara!



Menachem writes:


It must be said, that were this site not to exist I will definitely not have managed to withstand recent tests. I found the strength from the inspiration from this website. In a way, the zechusim gained by those responsible for making this site are of a nature never gained before in the history of mankind. It's a rare kind of 'matan beseser' because they do not know who they are saving from sin. I'm sure this brand new rare mitzvah is viewed with the utmost regard in the place where all our deeds are recorded....



Wewillnotbeforsaken writes:


Over the years I have tried nearly every conceivable method of trying to break this habit on my own - that didn't work. So far, the thing that seems to be working best for me is just going on this site and browsing through the forums and latest posts. The posts are inspirational and infuse within me strength to be strong. There are other people who are going through / have gone through the same trials as us. IY'H we will both be successful.



Shepsil writes:


B”H, you guys had the bravery to confront the issues head-on, called things what they are, and creating GYE and all the supporting networks. I applaud you. You are saving my life, along with all the others…



Snax writes:


I have a new addiction. The GUE forum! There is so much chizzuk on the boards. I get the chizzuk from your and all comments posted there. I have seen major improvement since I joined the forum and hope to join the hotline this coming week. Together we are stronger and will be able to overcome our Yetzer Hora. I think guardureyes has a great zechus as people can share their thoughts anonymously. Even people that want to give chizzuk and cannot do it openly, can give out all they have on the forum.



Plonit writes:


Your website is like a rope being thrown to a drowning person...



Clemmy writes:


You have a tremendous chelek in olam Haba for helping with this avaira...helping end it. It's not just that one is nichshal in "Vlo Taturu acharei levavchem veacharei eineichem", but the depression brought about by the aveiros we do in private crushes our spirits...bringing to countless more aveirot (as we learn from shimshon). You are preventing the whole landslide, in addition to saving shalom bayis etc....



Michael writes:


You've saved me from the depths…



Ploni writes:


You are MAMASH saving klal Yisroel in its greatest need!!



Plonialmoniii writes:


The schar you have waiting for you for all of the neshamos that you are saving is beyond comprehension. The moment I came across your site I was so strengthened that I've never gone back since. Tizku L'mitzvos!!!!! …



Yakov writes:


Thanks to you, my life is better. I can speak to my kids about yiddishkeit without feeling like a hypocrite. I can sing zemiros at the Shabbos table without feeling guilt. I can shake the rabbis hand without saying to myself - 'if he only knew'. Ok, I’m doing the work, but you are there, which makes all the difference between now and prior to now. Between you all the people on the forum who are rooting for me, I can pull through this struggle. I can't express in words how much I owe you. (Someday, we'll meet and you'll know who you helped)....



Battleworn writes:


I have about 30 years experience fighting the horrible monster, the vicious, deceitful, evil, wicked, rotten, cruel, merciless, mean menuval…. the website is in my opinion one of the best things in the world, and the forum is even better.



A.A. writes:


Your daily e mails are a great help to us all, and Baruch Hashem this year I have stumbled only 4 times. While I know it is 4 times too many, when compared to the previous year, it is quite literally a miracle, and this achievement is the first time since I first fell into this nasty tumah as a teenager some 17 years ago. That's a lot of Teshuva I am working on. This coming year, I resolve, Bezrat Hashem, not to stumble at all, which for the first time in my life I believe I can achieve, bli neder. Know something - this is all due to YOU, YOUR daily emails, YOUR website, and the fact that YOU have come out and got these issues out in the open. There must be countless people who have stopped spilling seed, and its all in YOUR merit! ... Thank you



Ben-Olam writes:


There is no question in my mind that Harav Guardureyes, who started, maintains and is the strength behind this site, is a Machzik Harabim of the grandest scale, and the Yetzer Hara has finally met his match!!! When Mashiach comes, you know you will be right up there with the rest of the Tzadikim throughout the ages!...



Barditchev writes:


This was a beautiful week on this forum


We picked up new members and there was very good conversations going back and forth B"H


I have good news for the holy GUARD, I am already 80 days clean. Wow!!!


I would suggest that we all drink one (extra) L’CHAIM this SHABBOS in the honor of the holy GUARD


He does so much for each and every one of us…



Chl writes:


When I got the courage to sign up on the forum I read the stories there, I have absolutely no words how much better my life is since then. It is like the difference between night and day, even stronger than that. I am continuing to work with the translations from the book "Today is the first day", as well as the 12 steps to self esteem. I have now a beautiful relationship with my wife through following advice given here on the forum. I spend more quality time with my daughter. I am learning Torah again with joy. I feel I am on a good path to get a job that works for me. And I am now able to recognize my enemy, Lust, and to deal with it when it pops out its ugly head. All of this developed out of reading the forum. So I thank YOU!



Josh K. writes:


My friend, the handbook is an awesome masterpiece a testimony to the tremendous siyata dishmaya that is evident in all your emails.


mgalglin zchus al ydiey zakai.



Yakov L. writes:


Your emails are helping my avoda tremendously (actually by making it less 'avodah' i.e. easier, less fight). Please keep it up.


My wife actually asked me before Shabbos why I've been in such a good mood the past three weeks!



Ari F. writes:


I love you guys, you really (wipe my tears) gave me new life. I love life now, I’m so happy all the time. You should be gebenched. Amen! 



B.T.W writes:


I love all yidden with all my heart. I have a special place in my heart for fellow strugglers. But for you Guard, there are no words. I simply get stuck trying to explain it........



“WornB” writes:


I clicked on that link to the forum -bless that day- and pretty soon I was crying. To see my holy, precious, beloved brothers and fellow warriors joining together to fight back effectively and give each other support and chizuk, is by far the best therapy and the best chizuk I could ever hope for.



Jack writes:


The love with which you speak to me and everyone else is clear. I am humbled that there is a person like you so willing to help a fellow struggling, unhappy Jew.



Shomer Habris writes:


This incredibly important mitzva of shmiras habris requires all the publicity it can get. Unfortunately, due to the taboo nature of the subject, as well as the embarrassment in discussing such issues with friends or mentors is just not possible for some individuals. Your site has changed that. There is now a place for people to get help in this very difficult and important area. By promising anonymity for those who are undertaking work in this area, you have enabled them to reach unimaginable levels.



“Me” writes writes:


If you knew, if you could see the unbelievable Olam Habah that is waiting for you. An Olam habah, a place that even the Malachei Hashareis can't imagine,... You, Guard, have undertaken an unbelievable chiddish in Klal Yisroel, single handedly.


I saw in the Heileger Sefer Tahara Hakodesh, (or it could have been Shomer Emunim), that very very few people are zocheh to be called "M'zakeh Es Harabim". To be M'zakeh es Harabim has unbelievable reward, and there is no question that you are doing it.



Plonit writes:


I am obsessed with website now. IT’S AMAZING. Now I WANT to get better. You are going to have an awesome seat in the olam haemet… MANY MANY MANY people have told me have to stop acting out, buuuut, somehow your words penetrated my heart and pierced my neshama. Maybe I just know that now I will have a new addiction-- THE GUE WEBSITE. I started reading the handbook, and signed up. You have no clue how much you are doing for me.



Yakov_Shwartz writes:


I have been focusing a lot on the 12 steps and I have been feeling immense natural serenity. I have been super calm to all that I meet. I feel a pleasure to be with people and to help people.  My wife cannot get over what a calm and upbeat mood I have been in.


You guys are great! I feel like crying for joy just thinking about how wonderful you guys are.  Thanks



Habib writes:


GUE, i know i say this a lot, but i would never have been able to do this without you. thank you so so so so so much. i can’t even begin describing the respect i have for you and for everyone else on this site, and the hodaa i feel for everything you’ve done for me, without even knowing who i am!



Snx writes:


When I read this forum I feel like Noach in the Taiva. Surrounded by all the shmootz on the web there is a little ‘Taiva’ where yidden from all over the globe can come and hide and get the much needed chizzuk. Let us all choose this holy "Taiva" and not Chas Vesholom the "Teiva". Yidden if you haven't joined or if you fell out, join us now. The doors are open! The Mabul is almost over, Moshiach is on his way!



Mevakesh Hashem writes:


Since I joined this forum, my Olam HaZeh is 1000% more enjoyable as well! The fake, phony "pleasures" I used to indulge in and sin to attain, are nothing compared to the feelings of closeness I feel to Hashem when I daven, learn and watch my eyes.



B.T writes:


What you're doing here, in addition to the regular zikui harabim, you're helping others do zikui harabim. And you're giving us the tremendous opportunity to turn our sins in to merits by using our experience to help others. WHAT GREATER ZIKUI HARABIM COULD THERE BE!!!


You're going to bring moshiach at the rate you're going. Just keep it up...



Chasdei Avos writes:


WOW, do I have chills right now. I just read this forum from start to finish and to say it is giving me chizuk is a huge understatement. I am flying high emotionally. This is the best preparation for the Yomim Noraim, a time when all of us are trying extra hard to succeed. I am no prophet, but I can say with certainty that Hakadosh Baruch Hu is looking down at everyone on this sight and kvelling with unbelievable simcha and nachas. All we ever try to do is the ratzon Hashem, and right now, right here, on this websight, you guys are smashing the samech mem (evil inclination) to pieces and spreading the glory of Hashem's malchus in the world, precisely the point of Rosh Hashana. Thank you and let this be the reason you are all written in the book of Bracha, simcha, Parnassa, and all good things.



NiceGuy writes:


I'm determined to break this into the open so people don't suffer in silence. We need to get people to open up, to share. The hiding is the most deadly part of it, and once that is behind you a huge battle is already won. People need to know how many were suffering like them but have beat it.



B.D.R writes:


This forum is like HAR SINAI


I would like to thank the HOLY GUARD and all the tzadikkim on this site for keeping me strong


I am over two months clean. I think I must dreaming, this is so unbelievable!



B.W writes:


I want to tell you that b'zchus this forum, I have reached a very major milestone in my life.


Over the last half-year with the help of this holy forum, I've become a new person. When the malicious menuval trys to attack, somehow, B'ezras Hashem, I'm able to tell him "sorry, but the rules of the game have been changed. The store is closed, permanently, at all times and in all situations!"


THANK YOU RABEINU GUARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Eatsleepandboard writes:


I owe you huge Hakarat Hatov.  The daily emails are mamash mechazek me.



Ahron writes:


I'm reading through the handbooks now. Overall, I have found GUE to be the best site by far for frum Jews (if it were a shul, it's the one I'd be a full member of where I'd daven regularly!) and the Handbooks are an incredible and ground breaking cornerstone in this struggle. Since I'm using metaphors today, here's another (perhaps this is a simile): "The GUE Handbook is to frum lust addicts what the AA Big Book is the alcoholics". Keep it up!



Habib613 writes:


I read the GUE Attitude handbook last night. It’s amazing, i can't even put it into words. It’s like everything I needed to hear. ..



Net writes:


If you stick around on this site, and take the things that they say seriously and are really determined to try and change, you seriously will, no matter how far you think you have fallen. Read the guardyoureyes handbook and attitude book, they are real gold.



Jacob writes:


The Chizuk e-mails work because they are coming from the webmaster who cares about each and every Jew in klal yisrael! He is showing us his love for us! We all feel that! And that caring is what keeps us away from sin!


Yes, he uses the words of the holy Torah to guide us. But try reading the same sefarim yourself - see if it works! It's only when we have the mesorah passed on to us by a caring Jew, like guardureyes, that we can even begin to think about improving. If someone feels loved, then they can begin to think about what the Torah says. Without that person, where are we?


Where are we without a Rebbe? Can we learn torah by ourselves? Can we learn from a Rebbe who hates us? We need a Rebbe who cares for us! And that's what we have.



Ben writes:


Guard, I only started posting to the forum a little over a month ago, and I have been clean for this whole time. The impact you have had through this board and your chizuk emails cannot be calculated by any human.  There are lives being saved here.  Whatever amount of time you can spend on this is time well spent, and an investment in olam haba



H.B writes:


I am amazed at how on the forum everyone is so be achdus, so focused on their goals. That inspiration keeps me going. I stand in awe of every person on this site.



Ein Yiush writes:


I'm going to say it the way it is. The daily chizuk emails are saving my neshama.



Ahron F. writes:


It's incredible how on the mark the Chizuk e-mails have been for me lately.  Each day I find that the e-mail was written PRECISELY for me, and addresses the EXACT topic that I'm currently working on.  Thank you!



L.N. writes:


The very fact that your site lists how many days 'sober', was the one thing that got me to start again for good (thank you).  Because my drive is to prove myself, and in order to make it onto the one year sober list...I'm gonna havta give-up on all feelings of lust.


I may not be updating the list, but your list is keeping me up-to-date...I thank you from the depths of my heart.Tizku Lemitzvot!!!



Ano-nymous writes:


The handbooks were excellent, pure gold! The information they contained was unbelievable. It really takes all of the things I've read since I joined the forum and puts them right in front of you. It's up to the individual people to make the jump though...Man, when I think of all the schar you are gonna get for this upstairs....



B.W.N writes:


Welcome home. First of all you should say Hallel that you found this site. I have to tell you that those handbooks are one of the greatest things that happened to Klal Yisroel since Matan Torah.



W.S writes:


The last few days, I started concentrating on the handbooks. Rabeinu Guard, I have no way describe my feelings. This is EXACTLY what has been missing so badly. And you did an unbelievable job!



“nightyDays” writes:


I have been to other forums where people talk about random topics. What you can see here is how much people care. From the fact that the grammar is accurate, to the lengthy responses, people take time out of their day to give Chizuk to those who struggle just like them. This is an amazing site. Chazak Veematz!!!!!!!



J.K writes:


I'm a bundle and jumble of emotions and it will time to sort them out. In retrospect, if I wouldn't be on this road to recovery and were it not for the "chaburah kadisha" this "holy fellowship" I shudder to think!! Were this to happen when in the clickin ‘n surfin mode, I probably would have lost it altogether!!


So dear brothers, thank you all from the bottom of my heart, Thank You just for being on this forum, thank you for all the priceless wisdom that u share every time u post. Thank you for giving me chizuk, simcha and most of all HOPE!!!!!



J.B writes:


dear guardureyes,

Your replies to me humble me. They bring tears to my eyes - not like those tears of pain and anxiety that i felt the other day - but tears that someone cares enough about me to do this. i never felt this before - i always felt judged, never that anyone was willing to help me, only criticize me.



Joshuah K. writes:


Guard, a hearty thank u for the wonderful chizuk emails. I eagerly await them every day and sometimes I read them even more then once and truly believe they play a huge role in my continuing sobriety. THANK YOU!!!!!



“Kavay” writes:


I have been reading and rereading and re-rereading your handbooks. They are great!. I think that the info on this site should be made available to all mechanchim because there is definitely a strong lack of awareness. I can talk from my own experience when I say that although I knew that internet addiction was a problem, I thought that it was relatively rare that it should exist in otherwise accomplished people who did well in learning and other areas of Avodas Hashem. This exacerbated my feelings of guilt, as I was never fully able to feel accomplished by anything that I did because I thought that I was living a big lie. When I read stories of Rabbeim and other Bnei Torah who are afflicted with addictions similar to mine, it truly helped me separate the addiction from myself. I can now try to view the addiction from the outside. Thank You!



“Shomer” writes:


If we know the Yetzer Hara's battle plans, we can be ready & know what to look out for.


GYE is very helpful in this area, since everyone shares there battle experiences.


Hopefully in the Zechus of People like you, we will be zoiche to the geuleh very soon.


There is no doubt that what we are doing is Ripping through the heavens above.



“Chesed Hashem” writes:


Guard is a malach min shamayim and just keeping with this site will give you the strength and desire to gain control. I struggled since mid teens (around 20 years ago) with this craziness and only once I fell upon this site I have been clean bli ayin harraah since rosh chodesh elul (almost 6 months).



M.B. writes:


I’ve been an addict for close to 30 years! I've been working and battling this for at least 20 - alone. The difference is that NOW, I will succeed. Hashem has been helping me all along, but NOW, I have all you guys too.  AND THAT WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. The seeds have been sown a long time, but GYE will be the water after 30 years of drought.


I think I’ve grown more in the past 2 weeks than I have in years. Sharing my thoughts and receiving feedback encourages further growth.



Yitzchak writes:


Sometimes I wonder, how could it be that Hashem -Who is "Sonei Zima"- is letting the world sink to such a low level and get so flooded with tumah "Kamayim layom michasim". We all know that the situation described in the Gemoroh (Berochos 32a) about which Eliyahu Hanavi said "Ma ya'aseh haben shelo yecheta" is nothing compared to growing up in this generation. So if Hashem is Sonei Zima, how can He allow this to happen???







“Kedusha” Writes:


Addiction to the Internet, especially (but not limited to) Internet pornography, is a very serious problem in the Frum world today.  It affects not only the modern orthodox, but people who are considered to be Bnei Torah as well.  It is unknown how many Bnei Torah are leading double lives and crying out for help, with nowhere to turn.  Imagine the pain of a Frum, Heimishe father, attending his child’s Siddur party. It should be a moment of great Nachas.  Instead, the father is ridden with guilt because of where he was on the Internet the previous night. 


For some people, the answer is to have no Internet in the home (however, as the Internet becomes more and more essential, it is becoming increasingly difficult to suggest this as a long-term solution for Klal Yisrael).  For those who need it, however, there must be another solution.  In addition, I realize that this is an addiction and has to be treated as such.  As with any addiction, I have no control over yesterday or tomorrow, but I can work on being clean today, with the Ribbono Shel Olam’s help. I have been clean in the past, but I always fell eventually.  But now, for the first time, I have somewhere to turn for help. has countless resources for battling this addiction. It is a life preserver for those who are drowning in a sea of Tumah!



Phillip writes:


I don’t know where it would be best for me to express my gratitude to Hashem Yisborach for sending you guys as a shliach to help me fight the Y''H. I can’t tell you how many times I looked around the web to find help regarding my addiction. Miraculously I fell upon this web site this pass friday, I just cant explain to you the true joy that I feel right now. May Hashem grant you much success in spreading the word of this web site



Jacob Q. writes:


I would first like to say that your website is such a relief. I’ve been battling this yetzer hara for a while now and your website is pushing me even farther in the way of good, strengthening me for the battle. In fact, when I have a bit of extra money, I’d like to print out a few hundred of the "Guard Your Eyes Handbook" and distribute in my yeshiva and others.  I'm blown away at how on top of things you are. Answering questions within a couple hours of them being asked, knowing which questions on the forum were asked when, and your eagerness to help people! Absolutely incredible to me...I really admire you.



“Hoping” writes:


The night before I discovered this wonderful site, I begged Hashem to help me do teshuva and stop doing the Aveira of HZ"L. The very next day, Hashem gave me Siyatta Dishmaya to find this site and use the tools! I am so grateful to Him!


I am trying to go one day at a time, but I could not help but feel some anticipation to do some real Teshuva this year. I could never really do Teshuva on any Aveiros (even those unrelated to lust) when I felt that I was not truly willing to return to Hashem (i.e leave my addiction).