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Kosher Web Sites

Obviously there are millions of Kosher web-sites out there, but we are trying to post only the ones that could truly help someone trying to break free of addiction by giving them good news, good stimulation, good entertainment and also good personal growth!
Please send us any URLs that you think would help!

Check out also this page for another whole load of great Kosher Jewish Links! Search from Pre-Approved Torah sites only

Kosher News - Instead of reading ABC, CNN, Fox and Reuters about the latest movies, celebrity scandals and gruesome murder cases, go here instead! - (Arutz Sheva) - News content geared to the needs of the Jewish community worldwide - Right Wing website with news from behind the scenes - Jewish Telegraphic Agency serves the wider Jewish Community with News and Information - News for the greater observant Jewish community

JDN. Jewish Daily News. Send an e-mail to to sign up for Kosher Yiddish news, pictures and video clips from the Heimishe community to come straight to your In-box every day.

Great Video Clips & Feeds - Interesting, Informative, Inspiring & Jewish! Video   - Hundreds of interesting video clips and animations on all aspects of Judaism
Arutz Sheva TV - Newscasts, Features, Israeli Salad, Tuesday Night Live & Torah! Video - Interesting Video Clips about all things Jewish
- Inspiring video clips and animations on all aspects of Judaism. Video - Hundreds of video Clips about Kabbalah and our purpose in life (click the links on the left Nav-Bar for more videos) Warning! See footnote number 1 below.
Solomon Says - From Aish

Fun & Kosher Video Entertainment

FrumTube - ONLY Kosher Videos! Strictest possible standards. No women or inappropriate Hashakafa. (10,000 hits a day. Permitted by both YeshivaNet and Jnet).'s Featured Video Clips - Hundreds of cute clips

Hundreds of little video clips - Arutz Sheva's Chill Zone!
JewlariousJtube - About 70 though-provoking clips gathered together by Warning! See footnote number 2 below.

Jewlarious Multimedia - Very Funny!


Jewish MP3
Mp3 from Aish - About everything Jewish. Inspiring and Interesting!
Simpletoremember - Audio and even some video, all Jewish topics

Jewish Radio
Arutz Sheva Radio - Both "Live" and "Recorded Shows"

Jewish Music
Our Own Hand-Picked Music to Chase away the Yetzer Hara

Arutz Sheva JukeBox - Chasidi (Bobov)

Inspiring Jewish Articles

Jewish General Interest - (Archives here) -
Jewish articles, Jewish authors on Jewish and Israel topics each month - This site offers an assortment of Jewish articles and audio. - A list of global newspapers. - An online resource with forums and classifieds


Foot Note 1) Warning: The site was created by Michael Leitman, a Russian Ba'al Teshuvah and a Talmid of the son of the Ba'al Hasulam (Rav Baruch Shalom Ashlag). Although he doesn't spout actual heresy, his approach is not generally accepted by the religious. It may be telling to note that about 90% of his students do not keep Torah and Mitzvot. The video clips on his site are interesting but they may sometimes be controversial. Not everything Leitman says is truly from the Ba'al Hasulam. Often much of it may be his own interpretations. So our advice is, if you are bored and need something interesting (so that you shouldn't fall into worse things, G-d forbid), listen to some of the video clips yourself and decide. Just be aware.



Foot Note 2) Warning about JTube. A member of our chizuk list wrote us the following (and if you relate to it, please do not view Jewlarious Jtube):


This could, in some cases, re-ignite the desire to watch exciting movies. SOMEONE (at Jewlarious / Aish) had to get through all the previous scenes with loosely clad women and sexual innuendo (which I am unfortunate to know existed), let alone violence, in order to know and choose these clips.

For many of us, especially middle-aged guys like me who did teshuva 30-something years ago, the internet addiction has grown out of our inability to satisfy visual entertainment cravings that were instilled in us from our youth in American TV and Movie culture. B”H the boosha to publicly go to a movie theater stopped that Yetzer. Then VCR’s came, followed by DVD’s, making it less publicly noticeable to watch movies that would include inappropriate scenes, even if you fooled yourself by believing that the rest of the movie might have “redeeming value.” B”H, having children and a wife at home helps stop that yetzer, cause you can’t hide the physical presence of tapes & cd’s of movies you wouldn’t let your kids watch.

Then came internet, before the x-addiction, where there were acceptable movie sites where one could “get their fix” watching short trailers, all designed to give you that biochemical high you mentioned in one of your articles. And the super privacy of the computer, with no physical evidence of what one watched, made the addiction possible. And like with drugs, one needed to move on to better or different “highs,” where you could fool yourself that it’s safe to watch a clip on Youtube that has no porn, but as we know leads step-by-step to worse things thru the step-by-step “porutz gedder” method of the yetzer hara. From there, the soul could chas v’shalom be lost forever.

B”H, you guys had the bravery to confront the issues head-on, called things what they are, and creating GUE and all the supporting networks. I applaud you. You are saving my life, along with all the others. It’s still touch-n’-go, but I am trying to break free from even “OK” video references, like CNN news clips.

For these reasons, I do not think we needed the visual stimulus of the scenes from these movies. And I was amazed when I personally felt the tug of desire to see the rest of these movies or adventure flicks. I understand you believed it might help you reach an audience which is earlier in the recovery process, but since all of us see the same website, I recommend you think very carefully before posting these links.