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A website for Jews struggling to maintain their moral purity in today's world
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Torah's Healing Waters
"If there's no water, it's hard to put out fire even if you know it burns"
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One struggling member recently wrote us something beautiful and so true: "I need Kedusha to counteract Tumah. I need it regularly, and it will replace filthy thoughts with powerful desires to grow in a positive way. I know it works, I've experienced it and tasted the exhilarating sweetness and freedom that living "confined" to the guidelines of Torah truly represents. Postings and books on other non-Jewish porn-addiction websites, essentially describe the struggle between the yetzer tov and the yetzer hora but don't really have a substitute for being filled with filth. If there's no water, it's hard to put out fire, even if you know it burns".

 "Barasi Yetzer Hara, Barasi Torah Tavlin - I created a Yetzer Hara, and I created the Torah as a medicine".

Make sure to learn Torah every day!
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Important Tip: When learning, have in mind the saying of Chaza"l about the Torah that "Hame'or Shebo Machziro Lemutav" - "The light in it [the Torah] will bring one back to good". If one has this in mind while learning, he can double the power that the Torah has in helping him get rid of the Yetzer Hara! Search from Pre-Approved Torah sites only

Websites with FREE Torah Audio & Video (lots of fun! Browse, download, listen and watch at ones leasure)
And as one member wrote us: "its good to use the same tool, the computer, for a kosher enjoyment, to make a kaporah for using it in the wrong ways". - Lots of great shiurim and videos - Lots of great shiurim. (We particularly suggest a series of shiurim on Emunah by Rabbi Wolfson over here). - Enjoy hundreds of Torah Video Classes FREE Online in streaming, MP3 audio and IPOD video downloads -
listen to Rabbi Twerski talk about addictions + hundreds of other audio and video - listen and download mp3 files Rabbi Shafier from Chofetz Chaim in Queens torah and hashkafa, PERFECT for working yeshiva guys!!! - Rabbi Leff is extremely down-to-earth and wonderful to listen to. - hundreds of video and audio lessons, chizuk, stories of tzaddikim - YU Torah on-line. Over 23,000 Shiurim! - Daf Yomi in English, Hebrew or Yiddish - Video or Audio! - Torah classes by Sephardic rabbis (mostly) - Audio library of Torah classes and lectures - Audio library of Torah classes and lectures

Torah & Personal Growth - English summaries of every Daf in Shas!
- Great words of wisdom and beautiful articles! - inspiring articles by Rabbi Moss in Australia - Torah networking

Moral Purity - Over 150 pages of information, stories, tips and more, on breaking free of internet addiction.  - Puts on the table subjects such as how to rectify previous wrongdoings, sexual health and "Keys to a Holy Union." - Sources on sexual purity from all over and practical advice on how to control it. - A long lineup of Kabbalah-related articles on the prohibition of masturbation.

Kabbalah - The Kabbalah of R'Ashlag, the Ba'al Hasulam -  Rav Gisburgh of Galenai - Rabbi Tilles - Rabbi Tilles - Rabbi J. Markel - Rabbi Goltlieb, student of the son of the Ba'al Hasulam (Site is in Hebrew, with video Shiurim 24 hours) - Michael Leitman, student of the son of the Ba'al Hasulam.
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