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Tips to break Free
Regain control of your life!

In our generation, when someone starts to work on himself in these areas, it gives G-d great pleasure. Every generation has it's tests. In previous generations there was the test of poverty, of anti-Semitism, and of the so called "enlightenment". In today's generation, the test is one central thing, and that is; "desire". We live in a world today with endless temptations and pleasures everywhere we go, and they are so readily available.

You may feel so far from G-d, so lowly, but every time you take a small step forward--in a generation such as we live today, you are G-d's hero! You are joining forces with G-d's true warriors! People like you, who start moving forward, are the merit of the generation!

Here are some helpful tips, divided into useful categories, that can work for you on the path to a full recovery and a true Teshuvah. Most people who successfully recovered, used a combination of tips from the following five categories. Check out these tips carefully. There are surely some that can work for you, if you are determined to change!

1. Practical Tips

2. Jewish Spiritual Tips

3. Mind Tips

4. Therapy Tips

5. Medical Tips

Tips from others:

Collection of Tips & Chizuk from fellow strugglers!

Tips from Rabbi Twerski - renowned Rabbi and Psychologist

Tips from an experienced Therapist

Tips from

Tips from

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