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Seal of Truth
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Transcript of a "life-after-death"
12.00 - 17.40 Minutes

...They began leading me down a path…They led me on until I ascended to the second world…The second world was also at the end of the path…And I looked around to see where I was…I looked around…And diagonally in front of me I saw the angel of death. As I said, there is knowledge, the soul knows that this is the angel of death, he recognizes everything, for the soul is a part of G-d…And I looked at the angel of death… I’ll tell you what he looked like soon… and behind him, in a V-formation, were legions and legions… millions of avenging angels that I had created during my life. The Angle of Death has the form of a human being. He was wrapped in a black husk, he was all black, in a black husk, and he was very tall, indescribably tall. The Angel of Death and all the legions behind him… it’s hard to comprehend but it’s the truth… maybe someone else who died, who was there, will understand… all the legions of the avenging angels are the Angel of Death himself. All of the legions are one. They are all part of the Angle of Death. They are all one… all the angels I had created. Then I looked at him… the first legion was covered with eyes, eyes and more eyes, they’re entirely made of eyes. And they yelled at me “Evil one, evil one!” “Do you know who I am? Do you know who I am?” And this goes up through the worlds, the voices go up through all the worlds in Heaven, they all know who I am and what I have done. “I’m your son, I’m your son”. Those are the children I created. “I’m your son, I’m you son”… A man who spills his seed creates children, and these children judge him in Heaven. They come to harm him in Heaven. Besides the shame, which is Hell in and of itself… (and he begins to weep and can’t continue for a full minute) … I was so ashamed. The children called out “Evil one, may your name be wiped off the face of the Earth!”. I felt such shame in Heaven, it was a lot worse than Hell, a lot worse than anything… A man who spills his seed, if only he knew what he was doing… if he only knew what he would go through in Heaven… I experienced it (begins weeping again). I don’t want anyone to have to go through this (continues weeping)… If a person only knew what he would go through… That was one of the hardest things there is in Heaven. And we spill our seed, we do whatever we want… and the things we are going to go through in Heaven… only a person who has been there knows. As Heaven is my witness, this is what we’re going to go through. The shame is very great…


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