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Therapists in Israel

Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, Meditation & Counseling

Note: It is important that any therapist that you go to be trained in dealing with sex-addiction. They should also appreciate the gravity of these sins (for us). However, it's not necessarily vital for the therapist to be "frum". Even a non-frum or non-Jewish sex addiction therapist can be made to understand that for "us", any form of sexual acting out or masturbation is a "no-no". They are usually trained to help you work with whatever guidelines you're aiming to achieve based on your standards of morality.

Here are some religious psychologists/therapists in Israel that are trained/experienced in addictions:

Rabbi Shraga Shlachter (English and Hebrew Speaker)
Israel Sexual addiction Treatment Center

Click on Business Card to enlarge
Working with sexual addiction in the frum community for many years.
Trained in the 12-Steps (and author of the book "The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life")
Also helps couples deal with a spouse who is addicted (and general marriage counseling as well)

Low Rates
Cell: 052-6923065. (Answers this number Sunday and Wed from 9-10 PM)
The number is only in use during the above hours. All other times, please leave a message and he'll get back to you
If you need to speak urgently with him, write him an e-mail
E-Mail:  or
Situated in Ramot or Kiryat Yovel

Dr/Rabbi Naftali Fish - Jerusalem, Native English Speaker
Torah Based
Psychotherapy, combined with meditation and hypnosis techniques
"Healing the Inner Wounded Child"
Dr. Fish also specializes in Shalom Bayis issues, helping the wives of addicts come to terms with their husband's addiction.
Dr. Fish has recently completed a book entitled “Nachat Ruach: Torah Therapy and Tools for Psycho-Spiritual growth” (scheduled to be published by Targum / Feldheim Press in the summer of 2010)
Office: 02-5376514 
Home: 02-6722663
Cell: 052 2639325  

Situated in Jerualem

Shlomo Zalman (Adam)  Jessel
BSc MA (Clinical-Dev Psych)
Certified EMDR & NT
Jerusalem Institute of Narrative Therapy
Tel: 972 546 720 336

My specialties are Internet and pornography addiction, sex-related addictions, and same-gender attractions. We often work by phone or Skype with people overseas, and I run support and therapy groups in Jerusalem. We operate under the halachic auspices of Rav Zev Leff, Shlita.

I wanted to commend you on your emails, which I have been subscribing to for quite awhile, and for your website. I share your materials with my clients. Among my phone/Skype clients in Chutz L'Aretz, some are not Jewish, but I find that they, too, appreciate the emails, which I sometimes edit and forward to them.

Dr/Rabbi Yitzchak Twersky - Jerusalem, Native English Speaker
Psychotherapy and Counseling for Addictions (Scroll down on this page to see his approach)
Home: 02-5818140 HOME
Cell: 0544-819253 (can leave a message)
Situated in Jerualem

Yona Pollak - Jerusalem, Native English Speaker
Addiction Therapist for 22 years. Specializes in working with the religious community
12-Steps, CBT, Carnes, Torah approach
Cell: 054- 7635240 (can leave a message)

Note: He's very good, but generally booked & expensive ($160/Hour)

Dr. Yossef Kleiner - Rechovot,
Clinical Psychologist
Languages: Spanish, English, Hebrew
Tel: 08-9494587, Free first aid Psychologist. Free private e-mails and a general forum.

Dr. Kleiner is not trained specifically in addictions, but he is trained in psychoanalysis and he can help people search for the real cause of their destructive drives. At times, he claims, the treatment needs to be long term, but other times he says he can help the patient discover their real struggle, and help them solve it quickly. (For example, there are people who feel a subconscious need to be punished, but they don't know why. This causes them to look for forbidden pleasures so that they can find a justifiable cause in their minds for why they need to be punished. Dr. Kleiner can help such people discover the reasons that they have these feelings in their subconscious, and thereby solve the problem. In other words, the vicious cycle of addictive/destructive behaviors can sometimes be solved by just opening a little window in the mind).