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Medical Treatment Tips
From Mild to Extreme


Alternative Medicine. Idea 1

Potassium nitrate, also known as niter or saltpeter, has a reputation for lowering libido, but it has not been scientifically proven. (Potential side effects can include stomach upset, headache, anemia, and kidney damage).

Alternative Medicine. Idea 2

For a light, herbal treatment based on alternative medicine, a combination of Ignatia D6 + Conium D6 may help. This combination is supposed to lower sexual tension and desire (and is sometimes suggested for teenagers whose hormones are going wild). This preparation does not require a prescription or psychiatric evaluation.

In Israel this can be prepared in either liquid or solid form at:
Oplatka Pharmecy, Yaffo 110, Jerusalem
Tel: 972-2-5389006 or 5389021
(Ask for Amnon)

(Take either 3 little balls X 3 times a day, or 10 drops of liquid X 3 times a day).

Alternative Medicine. Idea 3  (taken from

The kabbalist and composer of L'cha Dodi, R'Shlomo Alkabetz zt'l writes that the herb Henna "gives one self-control and peace of mind; he is not attracted to lustful desires" (Ayeles Ahavim Ch.1). Henna is a natural plant. You can dissolve Henna in water and drink it every morning on an empty stomach - it will also remedy excessive perspiration (The Torah book on healing: Natures Wealth p.141). Note; Henna is safe for most people - countless Sephardim have used it for centuries. But be careful: my research turned up these findings: Allergic reactions to Henna are rare, however, those who have a G6PD deficiency, which is an inherited blood type, should NOT use Henna as it may cause severe problems or even death. Obviously, if you suspect that you may have that blood type, get yourself tested before consuming or using Henna (see G6PD websites or ask you doctor for more information). Likewise, if you have any other concerns, speak to a qualified doctor. Still, for everyone else I recommend Henna. I have happily taken Henna the last week and baruch hashem it has worked as promised! Make sure you buy pure Henna - Henna hair dye may have other stuff in it you don't want to eat. I got pure Henna at the spice shop in the Bucharim Shuk (in the Beit Israel neighborhood) in Jerusalem.

Alternative Medicine. Idea 4

Someone wrote on a forum discussing ideas for suppressing the sexual urge:

Eat soy. LOTS of soy. The natural estrogen will diminish your sex drive over time.

SSRI medication

If you are seriously addicted and feel compulsive in your obsession, you might consider being evaluated by a psychiatrist for SSRI medication. It can help to take off the "edge" of the desire and obsessions, and help you deal with the "void" and depression that is felt in withdrawal. Millions of people take these type of medications and the side-effects are negligible.

The most transparent of the SSRI medications (meaning, the least side effect
s) is Cipramil (also called Recital in Israel). In the US it is marketed under the Brand Name Celexa. In many patients, 20 mg, twice a day can be very beneficial. If the obsession and compulsive nature of the addiction is very strong, the psychiatrist may suggest reaching a total of even 3 or 4 pills daily. The medicine must taken in gradually larger increments, until the full suggested dosage is reached. Besides helping control the obsessive compulsive nature of the obsession and the depression associated with withdrawal, Cipramil also lowers sexual desire to an extent. This is generally considered a non-desirable side effect, but in our case it is a blessing.

Another similar SSRI medication (with effects similar to Cipramil), is Lustral. Ask your doctor what is best for you.

One expert psychiatrist in this field in Israel, is:
Tel: 972-2-
4 Revadim St. Talpiot, Jerusalem


Some doctors prescribe antidepressants such as Paxil, Prozac or Zoloft to help reduce obsessions and compulsions, as well as excessive sexual desire. Such drugs can also have adverse effects, so please discuss this option with your physician so you fully understand the benefits and risks.

Click here to download a detailed medical chart (.pdf format) on possible medical treatments of hypersexuality.

Click here for an interesting article from CNN on the latest medications for treatment of addictive behaviors.


Someone wrote on a forum discussing ideas for suppressing the sexual urge:


Opiates knock it out. Muscle relaxers it suppress it big time. Tranquilizers suppress it. SSRI's have a common sex dysfunction side effect that I do not understand people not talking about it more.

So, over-the-counter, I would go for valerian. I have used valerian for its anxielytic properties in the past (i.e. it is nature's Xanax) and have never felt particularly horny when it was in my system.

Decapeptyl Injections

If one of the following is true:

  • If you have been diagnosed by a competent psychologist as being "hyper-sexual", or

  • your sexual obsessions are threatening to physically harm your health (such as contracting AIDS), or,

  • your sexual obsessions have landed you in jail in the past or threaten to land you in jail, or,

  • if you fear your obsessions may lead you to physically harm others, or,

  • your sexual orientation is out of whack with G-d's will (gay, pedophilic, etc...) and can't be changed, then,

you may be a candidate for Decapeptyl injections (marketed as Trelstar in the United States ). These shots completely suppress the sexual urge. They allow the patient to feel a new freedom in his life by freeing him from all sexual fantasy and desire. This treatment is routinely given in Israel to convicted serial rapists and pedophiles. The shots reduce the testosterone in the body to zero, thereby removing the sexual urge, and there are almost no side effects.  Read More about these Shots

Someone asked Dr. Krueger if the shots would accomplish making one not "addicted". Here is his answer:

No, one would not loose it; one would gain control over it while they were taking the shot; one might be able to learn other ways of obtaining control while on the shot so that if they stopped they would be able to control themselves. However, there is no guarantee of this, and some might have to stay on the shot forever.

If you are interested I would be happy to evaluate you, but I have a private practice and fee for service.

Dr. Krueger

To be diagnosed In New York:

Dr. Richard B. Krueger, M.D. - Specialist in sexual disorders
Sexual Behavior Clinic
New York State Psychiatric Institute
1051 Riverside Drive
Unit # 45
New York, NY 10032-1098
TEL: 212-740-7330
FAX: 212-740-7341
Page and text messaging: 877-904-5017; ask operator to dispatch message to me
Cell phone: 917-750-1596


To be diagnosed in Israel by an expert psychologist in this field, and one of the founders of this innovative treatment, contact:

Tel: 972-2-
4 Revadim St. Talpiot, Jerusalem

The Doctor of Endocrinology who helped establish this treatment, and who delivers the shots in Israel:
Dr. Ariel Ressler
Tel: 972-2-6418033
Kadish Luz 3/1
Ramat Sharet, Jerusalem