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The "Turn-Me-Off" Page

This page is Gross. And we know that. But it is even MORE gross to give in to the Yetzer Hara. So instead of viewing hard-core pornography and destroying your soul, view some hard-core images of flesh that instead of turning you ON will turn you OFF and remind you "Where you come from and to where you are going".

Below is a picture of aborted babies, 8-11 weeks old. Yes, that's how disgusting, small and pathetically feeble and fragile ALL flesh is. As our sages said "Remember from where you came....." Do you desire FLESH over G-d?


Below is a real picture of the human brain. This ball of mush is where all your sexual desires are stored. Actually, lust is only a very small part of this mush. Will you let this little bit of yucky mush destroy your soul?


Here we have a real human body, preserved for scientific research. That is what you will look like after you die and get eaten by maggots. And that is what is inside you now as well, a jumble of yucky stuff. And that is what makes up the porn-stars that you want to see as well.

 Here we have a picture of an artificial heart. The person who recieved this pump could no longer be kept alive by his own heart, so it was removed and replaced by this pump.

Does YOUR heart still lust after forbidden flesh? If yes, keep scrolling down. But be warned. The pictures get worse!

Here are pictures of a surgical procedure being carried out on someone's upper thighs (the part of the body that we think we desire the most).


Now that you see what's inside, do you still want it? If yes, keep scrolling down....

If you still feel horny after this picture below, something is really wrong with you. This is the inside of a woman's leg (blown off in a suicide attack in Iraq). And that is what's inside your porn-star friends as well...

These are pictures of Iraqi (suicide bombers?) with their brains blown out. Ah yes, the human brain... that mushy slimy thing that causes us to lust and sin against G-d almighty. That's how fragile and empty life is. That's how disgusting and nauseating flesh is. STOP LUSTING ALREADY SO YOU CAN FINALLY LEAVE THIS PAGE.


Woops, a tank rolled over this guys head. That is what you are doing to your brain when you view porn.