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Four Current GYE 12-Step Anonymous Phone Conferences
Sharing is encouraged, but there is no need to talk. You can just listen in!
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Duvid Chaim’s Group


What it is:  An in-depth 12-Step Big-Book Study Lunch & Learn; an SA style group that goes through the Big Book and teaches how to work the 12-Steps into your life to find freedom from lust addiction.


Moderator:  Duvid Chaim, an experienced 12 Step Program Sponsor 


Moderator Contact:  e-mail:


When:  Four days a week, Monday thru Thursday at 12 Noon EST


Most recent cycle began:  Monday June 29, 2009


Price:  Free

How to Join: Just call in (number below)

Notes:  This group covers 2 to 3 pages from the Big Book each day and WORKS THE STEPS.


Description:  If you find it too difficult to make a face-to-face SA meeting or you are concerned about privacy and anonymity but you know that you would benefit by working a 12 Step Program, then become part of Duvid Chaim’s anonymous phone fellowship; a small group of men who share your struggle.


The Big Book Study Lunch & Learn (BBSL&L) uses the traditional and proven format used by millions of 12 Step sponsors and sponsees who have, with G-d's help, found recovery and freedom from their addiction. This is a program for men who are willing to make a serious commitment to finally find the freedom from their addiction; as literally promised by the Program. This program is a proven method of success! 

Dial-In Number: (760) 569-6000

Participant PIN: 121318 #

For More Info: See this page of our website



Boruch’s Group


What it is:  "Back to Basics” - 12-Steps in 4 Weeks; an anonymous SA phone conference.


Moderator:  Boruch, an experienced 12 Step program sponsor 


Moderator Contact:  e-mail:


When:  Twice a week, Sunday Morning 9 AM, and Thursday night 10:15 PM – EST

These two meetings are independent of each other. You can choose which to attend, or you can attend both. However, in order to create group identity, we do recommend you try and keep to the same time rather than switch from week to week, as much as possible. 


Most recent cycle began:  The Thursday group started on June 24, 2009. The Sunday group began on Sunday, July 26, 2009


Price:  Free

How to Join: Just call in (number below)

Notes:  Download the “Back to Basics” material for the calls over here. (Material for this program is also posted online here on the GYE Forum).


Description:  Stop Living in the PROBLEM and start living in THE SOLUTION. If you are looking for a program with the energy and joy that come from a renewed connection with Hakadosh Baruch Hu, you can now take the 12 Steps of SA with the Back to Basics method exactly as they are being taken by frum members of one face-to-face SA group. Take a proven program with high success rates that is open to all, newcomer and old timer, whether you belong to a face-to-face 12 Step group or not. This program will keep you sober and stop you slipping for the rest of your life, it will help you in many other areas of life as well, and it will KEEP IT SIMPLE.  

You will be matched up with a co-sponsor from day one, who you will be encouraged to call. These co-sponsors are people, who for the most part, have experience in BOTH face-to-face SA meetings and face-to-face Back-to-Basics meetings. (Note: after just once cycle you could be sponsoring others in this life-saving system!

Dial-In Number: 1-218-844-8230

Participant PIN: 262350 #

For More Info: See the second half of this page on our website.



Elya’s "Jewish Healing Group"


What it is:  An anonymous 12-Step phone conference that follows the rules and traditions of the SLAA (Sex and Love Addiction Anon) fellowship


Moderator:  Elya K – an experienced addiction sponsor


Moderator Contact:

Hotline: 901-685-3256: Monday Nights 10 p.m - 11 p.m. EST. At other times, leave a message.



When:  Once a week, Thursday Evening 9 PM EST.


Price:  Free

How to Join: Just call in (number below)

Notes:  You can get material for the call at . Download this file as well.


Description:  The Thursday night group is an introductory 12 step discussion group patterned after SLAA (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous). When you join this group you will be introduced to the problem, the solution and begin to heal by listening to others share their experiences, strength and hope.  Sharing is encouraged but not required.  Questions are welcome.  Members who attend regularly now, have months of sobriety under their belts.  They describe in meetings how their lives have changed dramatically at home, at work and in social situations, even in their relationship with Hashem. They have begun to explore the root causes of this disease and are learning how to live a life of spiritual connection instead of fantasy. 

Dial-In Number: 1-712-429-0690

Participant PIN: 225356

For More Info: See this page of our website - and see comments at the bottom.



Zeva’s Group


What it is:  A weekly anonymous phone group, offering professional clinical therapy, 12-step work, DBT Skills (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), Pat Carnes work and more.


Moderator:  Mrs. Zeva Citronenbaum LCSWR CSAT is the expert known to the Jewish Chassidic and Litvish world in recovery, offering clinical help to healing individuals, couples, and families facing addiction and trauma. She was trained by Pat Carnes. 


Moderator Contact Info:
Confidential Hotline: 845-222-0580 


When:  Once a week, Tuesday Evening 9 PM EST.


New Cycle Beginning:  July 14, 2009


Price:  $100 for 10 sessions (comes out to $10 a session - for real clinical recovery!)


How to Join: Download this Zip file with the signup forms and rules here (right click and choose "Save As")


Notes:  Addiction is an illness of escape. Its goal is to obliterate, medicate, and/or ignore painful reality. It produces an alternate route to feelings of betrayal, worry, loneliness, or any real type of problem solving. DBT skills can improve ones ability to handle distress without acting out destructively. They offer concrete behavior techniques that clients can integrate to help them stop unhealthy behavior patterns, i.e. internet, at risk…


Description:  Through DBT techniques, clients can confront themselves and make changes they need to grow into healthy living. Individuals learn skills of mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance; all of which eliminate the urgent need to escape reality. They learn practical skills for coping within reality. The skills empower them, quality of life increases, and healthy living replaces the downward spiral of addiction.

DBT can improve one’s ability to handle distress without losing control and acting destructively. In order to make use of these techniques, skills need to be built in four key areas: (1) Mindfulness (2) Interpersonal effectiveness (3) Emotion regulation (4) Distress tolerance. 


For More Info: Please see this page of the forum