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Rules Levels 90 Day Chart Personal Chart Wall of Hashem's Honor

Wall of Honor "Levels"

Class 1

Level 1)
Three Days Clean
Level 2)
One Week Clean
Level 3)
Two Weeks Clean

Class 2

Level 4)
One month Clean
Level 5)
Fifty Days Clean

See Note 1 (below)

Level 6)
Seventy Days Clean

Class 3

Level 7)
Ninety Days Clean
Level 8)
Half a Year Clean
Level 9)
One Year Clean

Note 1. Hashem waited 49 days before giving the Torah, 7 weeks - like the 7 days of Niddah. It takes 49 days to break away from Tumas Mitzrayim and be Zoche to the Torah on the 50th day.