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Jewish Filtering Options for the Religious Community in the U.S.A
Find the one that works for you - and feel free once again!

Note that, due to IRS regulations, we cannot provide direct links to for-profit companies.

Before you decide which on is right for you learn the technical terms (like "black-List", "white-list", ISP, etc...)

Surfing without a filter is like this person...

1)  - Server Based Filtering, black list or whitelist.
Jnet is #1 in the U.S market, with the most sophisticated server-based filtering technology in the world!
For added protection, ask them where you can get "Client Based" software as well. developed recently a new, innovative AI system that isn't a URL based filter but rather a "content" based filter. In less than 3 milli-seconds, it breaks down WHATEVER page you are on, regardless of the URL, into its components and checks the text, images and anything else. It can detect skin colored pixels and replace the images! It's a real break through in filtering technology and NO ONE else has it on the market. It delivers the filtered content to you in real time, regardless of URLs. This protects against all types of "loop-holes" in the standard filtering systems today. Call them up and ask for their "Mehadrin" plan to benefit from this new technology.


2) - Server Based Filtering, black list or whitelist.
KosherNet: Internet Service Provider (ISP) offering Basic to Hi-Speed filtered DSL in the NY area (soon nationwide). Prices start at $39.99 lowest pricing for "Kosher"-filtered DSL anywhere! Free DialUp trial! Irremovable baseline filtering. Various preset, filtering levels options. Using BlackList or WhiteList technologies. Only Includes filtered email addresses! 24-hour live Tech-Support!

3) - Client Based Filtering, black list or whitelist.
Downloadable software client that once installed on a computer, controls all internet access according to your customized settings through KosherNet servers (see number 2 above). Irremovable baseline filtering. Various preset, highly-customizable filtering levels. Using BlackList, WhiteList or Black & WhiteList combo technologies. Includes filtered email address! 24-hour live Tech-Support! No contracts. Month-to-month billing. Works anywhere on the globe where you have internet access, with any type connectivity Cable, FiOS, DSL, etc. $12.95 per month for up to five different computers. Each additional computer (under same account) $1.50 per computers works out to as low as $.05 per day!

4)  - Server Based Filtering, whitelist only.
Tel: 718-937-4482

5) "Hardware based - total home solution, to block, log and schedule internet usage.  Protects PC's, Mac's and even gaming systems.  Providing solutions for SMS text messaging  too.

The filter is client server based (firewall connects to the service provider) and is very consultative to assist parents in dealing with all the technical issues.
or adults: One can can designate a third party to authorize changes and be totally locked out.

6)  - Client Based Filtering, black list or whitelist.
Tel: 718-710-4297


7)'s Kosher Internet add-on software was designed to be used by hareidim who are required and permitted to use the internet but are bothered by the amount of unwanted graphics they must encounter.


For a great list of Internet Filter Resources compiled by - click here