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A Rabbi's Son Asks on the Forum at

I would like to tell someone that I am doing these things that I shouldn't be doing, but my Father is a respected rabbi and if he found out he would freak out and go crazy like it was the end of the world. I can't even ask him to download a filter cause if he found out I wasn't perfect like he is, he would go nuts. So I can't ask anyone for help and it is cool that I can write this kind of stuff that has been on my mind a long time but it in't the same as telling someone in person who can help you to stop. I still have a few years to go before I can get married so I guess I will just have to go on guarding my secret and praying that HaKodesh Baruch Hu will forgive me.

A Rabbi's Daughter Answers on the Forum

I got hooked when a girlfriend invited me over to her house to show me some wild things on the Internet. I was super embarrassed but didn't want her to know it. Then I went over her house again and it got a control over me. I started doing it at home when my parents were away. One day my little brother caught me. Even though he is too young to understand anything, I felt really scared and awful. I was afraid to tell my parents, just like you describe. But I felt like I was drowning and only they could save me. So I told my mother a little, and I am sure she told my father, but he never said anything to me. But suddenly there was a filter on the computer and my mother spoke to me in pretty easy terms about everybody making mistakes when they grow up and that's how we learn and that Judaism knows that people will do stupid things and that's why we have tshuvah and Yom Kippur and things like that. Your father may be an important rabbi and all but he is a father too and his reaction may surprise you like it did me. It is just a kid's feeling that the world will fall apart because he has done something bad, but it doesn't really and everything works out OK in the end. Don't be afraid.