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A website for Jews struggling to maintain their moral purity in today's world
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Other Jewish sites that deal with the issue of pornography addiction and masturbation

Our Sexual Addiction Rehab Program and the Ten-Keys.

Search for a competent therapist at in the privacy of your home. Features an international network of Orthodox mental health professionals.
Featuring a section entitled For Married Men Only this site unabashedly puts on the table subjects such as masturbation, sexual fantasies, how to rectify previous wrongdoings, sexual health and "Keys to a Holy Union."
With sources on sexual purity from all over the Jewish and secular world about the nature of the problem, as well as practical advice on how to control it, with a particular focus on the dangers of Internet pornography.
A long lineup of kabbalah-related articles on the prohibition of masturbation. The site offers many of the original kabbalistic texts on this "incredibly important facet of observance" for download in PDF format.

Tap into a support system that offers information regarding individual, group, and family therapy for those who struggle with pornography and sexual addictions

S-Anon International Family Groups World Service Office at (800) 210-8141 or (615) 833-3152, You can also e-mail them at for helpful guidelines.

Someone wrote on I would like to recommend the website. Its creator is somewhat unconventional, but has been guiding us through this maze in a way that we feel is unmatched by other professionals. This has been of immense benefit to us.

Someone posted on our forum: I haven't really watched p-rn for 5 months now. Thanks to - a Canadian site- I managed to keep of p-rn, though I still masturbate, but a lot less thanks to the excellent GUE e-mails!

Click Here to download a PDF file in English on the importance of guarding the eyes.

Click Here to download a PDF file on the importance of guarding the Brit.

Recovery Resources. Recommended Reading:

For chizuk in Emunah in Hashem visit

A forum in HEBREW for people with these addictions can be found over here.

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Links for Help with Addictions
Find a certified sex addiction therapist in your area


12-Step and Other Support Groups

Sexaholics Anonymous

        Recovering Couples Anonymous

        Co-Dependents Anonymous


What is Sexaholics Anonymous?

A fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover as well.
Rabbi Benyamin Bresinger
Where you'll never feel alone again!


For Women Struggling with being married to an addict


Links for People with Same-Sex Attraction - Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality - National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality

From Gay to Straight

A Struggler's Thoughts on the Gay Pride Events

Religious People write their Opinions and Struggles with SSA

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