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What To Do With Your Time
Great ideas for kosher and healthy outlets

"A Jew is too busy to have time to sin"... Rabbi Avraham J. Twerski

Some people claim it's too hard for them to break free of the addiction because they have many hours on their hands and they are therefore drawn to these non-Kosher time-killers/thrillers. Others claim there is not enough Kosher entertainment out there and they need interesting and stimulating material to unwind and to kill-time, which causes them to gravitate to unhealthy behaviors and watch non-Kosher movies which turn them on and cause them to fall even more. Obviously, these claims have some truth to them and for those who feel this way, it makes breaking free of the addiction much harder.

In this section of our site, we will attempt to provide some great ideas for kosher and healthy outlets, for stimulation and entertainment in your spare time. (Click the links below)

We believe though, that even if kosher entertainment and stimulation is available, still, anyone who was at one time addicted to these things and continues to allow themselves access to the garbage (i.e. they have not installed a strong filter, and have not GIVEN THE CODE TO SOMEONE ELSE), it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE not to fall. As someone once posted on the forum: "If you have not removed the possibility of viewing the bad stuff on your computer, then you must be honest with yourself and admit that you are not as of yet ready to begin the healing process. Simple trial and error will prove this to be true. Yes, the fact that you are here is great, and it does prove that you have an interest, BUT..... you just can't hold on to both sides of the stick". If one wants to break free and get rid of this cancer that is destroying their soul and will destroy their lives as well, they must be willing to make some difficult sacrifices and take that first vital step of denying themselves access to the filth. After you have done that, you most probably will begin to seek other more useful activities to fill your time, especially since the other stuff is no longer available. To this end, we bring you the following ideas:

1) Kosher Websites - Enjoy yourself, learn and grow!

2) Torah - Only the life giving waters of the Torah can really put out the fire.

3) Kosher Activities - Spend time in a Healthy and Kosher way and make the most of life!

4) Kosher Movies - Stimulating, interesting and fun!

5) Kosher Books - Lose yourself in true Jewish stories and fun novels, or read books to learn, grow and become a better person!

6) Music - Chase away the Tumah & arouse feelings of Kedushah with these inspiring tunes!

Important Note: The ideas on this page can help for occasional boredom, but people who suffer from consistent boredom should seriously consider therapy. Boredom is often a symptom of underlying emotional issues. People that grow up emotionally healthy, usually find things that interest them (without looking at others or trying to meet unreasonable expectations) and naturally develop the internal motivation to pursue them, and therefore are not bored very often. Therapy can help you find the underlying issues that may be causing this boredom or "void" in your life.