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Inspirational Music
Chase away the Tumah & arouse feelings of Kedushah!
(For the best effect, listen to each tune many times in a row :-)


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-- Hartzig Niggunim --


1. Im Atah Ma'amin - MBD  - "If you believe you can destroy, believe you can fix!" - Rabbi Nachman. (Haunting and inspiring Tune!)
2. Ich Hub Givart- MBD  - "I waited and waited" - By R'Yom Tov Erlich. A song of the deepest Yearning.
3. Gam Ki Elech - MBD  - "Even in the shadow of death, you are with me" - A beautiful and soulful tune.
4. Vayechulu - MBD  - By R'Yom Tov Erlich. So Beautiful!

Avraham Fried

5. Ki Anu Amecha  - "We are your people" Beautiful! (Chabad Niggun)
6. Rachmana Danai  - "He who hears the broken hearted" - Very warm. (Chabad Niggun)
7. A Dveikus Niggun  - (Chabad Niggun)
8. Ke'Ayal Tarog  - "Like a deer upon the water, so my soul thirst for you Hashem!"
9. Avinu Malkeinu  - "Our Father, Our King, we have no one but you!"
10. Rostover Niggun  - D'veikus'dik!


11. Ana Hashem  - "Please Hashem, I want to be your servant!" - Regesh
12. Kirvas Elokim Li Tov  - Closeness to you Hashem, is all I want. - Regesh
13. Torah  - Without Torah, there's no hope. - Regesh.


14. Eilecha Hashem  - "To you Hashem I call"...
15. Berditchiver Niggun  - Kumzitz D'veikus
16. Cracow Niggun  - Kumzitz D'veikus
17. Lulay Torascha  - Without your Torah, I would be lost!

Abie Rottenburg

18. The Teshuvah Song - "Hashem is so Kind'- (Marverlous Midos Machine)
19. Neshamal'eh  - Journeys. Heart Warming.


20. Ka Echsof - A song of the deepest yearning for Hashem, composed by R' Ahron of Karlin, a Talmid of the Magid of Mezritch.
21. Hishtapchus Ha'Nefesh - A Soulful "Meiron" Niggun by Clarinet. Picture the fire and sparks of Rabbi Shimon's holy fire in Meiron heading skyward. That fire is your soul's yearning for Hashem!
22. Azamer Bishvachin - One of the most hartzig "Breslover" Tunes ever (attributed directly to Rabbi Nachman).
24. U'Teshuvah U'Teffilah U'Tzedaka - Very moving Niggun from "Unesah Tokef"
25. Teshuvah Song - Inspiring!
26. Ana Be'koach - A moving and heartfelt Niggun / Video. (Download .FLV Player)

-- Happy Niggunim --

1. Jack's Simcha Niggun - This Karlin-Stolin Chassidic Niggun of Simcha was added the day that Jack reached 90 days clean! Listen to it again and again, and let's all dance together with Jack in the greatest Simcha Shel Mitzva!
2. Dance "Trance"! - Be b'Simcha! If this tune doesn't get you dancing, nothing will!
3. Darkeche Leharich Apecha - Hashem waits with so much patience for us to come back to him. Chabad Niggun. Leibedik and Hartizg.
4. Ashreinu - How Fortunate we are! (Avraham Fried)
5. Niggun HaBal Shem - Who taught us Simcha like the Ba'al Shem Tov? (Avraham Fried)
6. Simcha Niggun 1 - With Simcha, we can chase away the Yetzer Hara! (Avraham Fried)
7. Simcha Niggun 2 - Simcha brings even a greater Teshuvah than Broken heartedness! (Avraham Fried)
8. Oz Vehadar - Inspiring. (Breslov)

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According to the Chassidic Masters, the world of Teshuvah is next to the world of Negginah in the upper worlds.