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A Year and a Half Later

Taken from the Forum at

Update on my progress after a year and a half of shmirat habrit.

On your advice (Tzvi Fishman's Forum), I got married a year ago and my wife, Baruch Hashem, is in her fifth month. We have so much Shalom Bayit in our home. We have become more and more engrossed in our community, and in Torah learning, and with Hashem, and we Thank G-d for it all.

This mitzvah of guarding the brit is amazing. Over the past year, I have followed the guidance of your “Secret of the Brit” book and website, learned more Torah every day than ever before, and my mind is sharper than it has ever been. It is like I am a completely different person. This mitzvah is truly a mental, emotional, and spiritual makeover.

Thank you so much. The mitzvah of guarding the brit has made my life, and the life of my family so much happier. Thank G-d for this. Baruch Hashem that He has granted us such a way to come close to Him like this and to feel so much joy. And, thank you for making myself, and all of Am Yisrael aware of this. We are eternally grateful -- both in this world and the next.