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This article was written by Tzvi Fishman on his Arutz Sheva Blog, when the country (in Israel) was up in arms over president Moshe Katzav's alleged sexual misconduct. The words he writes here about the Israeli media apply to the media in the rest of the world as well.

Sex Offender #1

Israel’s number one sex offender is not Moshe Katsav. Israel’s number one sex offender is the Israeli media. The Attorney General ruled that there was not sufficient evidence to try Katsav for rape, and that the testimony of the plaintiff called “Alef” was lacking in credibility. But that hasn’t stopped Israel’s media from interviewing her every the hour for the last three days straight, and there is no end in sight. All around the clock, the men, women, teenagers, and children of Israel are forced to hear on the radio, or read in the newspapers, or see on TV, how the President put his hand here, and did this and did that, over and over again. Instead of thinking about HaKodesh Baruch Hu all day, the way every Jew should, the Israeli public is being forced to think about sex. To me, this is national rape. The Israeli media, motivated by its hatred of Judaism and everything Jewish, is raping our holy national psyche by bombarding us with its non-stop, play-by-play description of what Katsav supposedly did, even though the Attorney General stated that the testimony of “Alef” was legally problematic, meaning that it would not stand up in court.

But the sex offences of the Israeli media don’t begin here. Haven’t you noticed how the blouses of the women newscasters are getting lower and lower? Ratings are determined by the amount of cleavage exposed, and not by the news. Five years ago, there was hardly a woman newscaster on Israeli TV. Today they are featured on every news program, and one is blonder than the next. What is important to the media lords is not how well these female broadcasters speak, but how much sexual energy they project into living rooms around the country. And this is just the news programs. The regular shows and commercials abound with all kinds of debauchery. Once again, sexual titillation is the key. And the major secular newspapers are equally as provocative. They are little more than smutty journals with some news articles and leftist editorials interspersed between the dirty pictures.

It is known that people copy what they see in the media. Viewers of TV and readers of newspapers aspire to be like the heroes of the media. This is why advertising works. When the sexy girl in the Coke commercial wins the attention of the good-looking guy, then women at home want to look sexy too. When the media sets the style on sexiness, then sexiness is what talks in the workplace and out on the street. To attract attention, women dress up like the sexy models, actresses, and newscasters that they see on TV. The women of Israel are not to blame. The media has programmed them to behave this way. So they dress in the most provocative apparel, exposing their chests, poopiks, and toosiks without any shame. Given this erotic bombardment, in the media, in offices, in schools, in supermarkets, and out in the street, is it any wonder that more and more sexual crimes are being committed in Israel? After buying the sexiest clothing they can find, and dressing up in front of the mirror to highlight their curves in the most eye-grabbing fashion, how can a woman cry out in surprise when the guy standing next to her on the bus gives her a wink and a pinch on the rear? “Gevalt!” she protests. “Rape!” “Sexual assault!” “How could he do this to such an innocent victim like me?”

Please don’t get me wrong. Any man who commits a sexual offence against a woman should be arrested, charged, and brought to trial. But there is also a little something called incitement. Inciting someone to commit a felony is also a crime. No woman in our day and age can say, “I didn’t know.” Today, everyone knows about the birds and the bees. Put a red cloak in front of a bull and he will charge. A man is a man. Whether he is the guy on the bus, or the President of the country, if you flaunt around in front of him, day after day in low-cut blouses, without sleeves and backs, and with a panoramic view of things he shouldn’t see every time you bend over, don’t react with surprise when you discover his thoughts and hands going astray.

"He attacked me for no reason at all!"

I am blaming the media, not the women. After all, the once vituous daughters of Israel have been brainwashed. The media has made the women who have fallen for this hype into sex objects, Barbie dolls, Playboy bunnies, whose secret mission is to stir up men’s passions and bring them to sin. The only visual difference between these media-duped women and the scantily clad whores on the street is that a man can buy time with a whore, while these temptresses, he isn’t allowed to approach. Excuse me, ladies, but you have to be either Superman or Yosef the Tzaddik to resist the temptation.

Readers, don’t think that this terrible moral decline in our country is an accident of the times. This is the exact same strategy that the wicked Bilaam devised to weaken Am Yisrael. He knew that the G-d of the Jews hates licentiousness, so he sent the daughters of Midian to tempt the Jews into sin. Today is the yahrtzeit of the great Torah scholar, the Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh, may his memory be for a blessing. In his commentary on this week’s Torah Portion, Balak, he writes that even though only Zimri committed an actual sexual transgression with the brazen gentile temptress, 24,000 Jews died in the subsequent plague. Why? Because they thought about whoring. The Kabbalist, Rabbi Leon Levi, explains that if Zimri got away with his whoring, these 24,000 Jews were ready to do it too. Thinking about sex is like doing it. Our Sages have long warned that lustful fantasies pollute the Jewish mind with a terrible pollution. And today, the Israeli media has the whole country focused on sex. Gevalt! May the Almighty save us from these media Bilaams and Balaks.

The Torah warns us that the national Jewish camp is supposed to be holy: “Therefore your camp shall be holy, that He see no unchaste thing in thee and turn away from thee” (Devarim, 23:15). The Torah explains the matter explicitly, that when we conduct our lives in a holy manner, then G-d walks in the midst of us to deliver us from every enemy. However, if He sees in us some unchaste matter, He turns away from us, and this brings upon us all of the tribulations that we are witnessing today.

Sexual modesty is our unique calling as a holy nation. This is the Covenant that was stamped into Avraham’s flesh, and into the flesh off all of his offspring for all generations to come. And today, the media in Israel, adopting the ways of the nations, has become the partner of Midian and Moab in polluting our national camp and forging a wall between the holy Jewish People and our G-d, may He have mercy.

Yes, sex offenders should be prosecuted. Both the men who commit the crimes and those who incite them. But the harshest punishment of all should be levied against the media that brings the entire congregation to sin. When the spiritual revolution arrives, we will know what to do with them. In the meantime, everyone who cares about his wellbeing as a Jew should turn off the radio, throw away the television, put a filter on his Internet, and stop bringing trash newspapers into his home. Then we will be able to exclaim with true Jewish pride, “How goodly are thy tents, O Yaacov, and thy tabernacles, O Yisrael.”