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Therapists in the U.S

Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, Meditation & Counseling

Note: It is important that any therapist that you go to be trained in dealing with sex-addiction. They should also appreciate the gravity of these sins (for us). However, it's not necessarily vital for the therapist to be "frum". Even a non-frum or non-Jewish sex addiction therapist can be made to understand that for "us", any form of sexual acting out or masturbation is a "no-no". They are usually trained to help you work with whatever guidelines you're aiming to achieve based on your standards of morality.

Search for a competent therapist in the privacy of your home. : Search for a competent therapist at in the privacy of your home. Features an international network of Orthodox mental health professionals. a website of all certified sex addiction therapists trained by Patrick Carnes ( and his association. : Find a certified sex addiction therapist in your area. (SASH is the professional association for licensed therapists who work with sexual addiction. Please note though, that not all are trained and certified sex addiction therapists).



Simcha Feuerman, LCSW-R
Director of Community Mental Health Services
Ohel Bais Ezra / Lifetime Care Foundation

Tel: 718 793 1376


Private practice office in Brooklyn and Queens. President of Nefesh International and Director of Community Mental Health Services at Ohel.

Specializing in high conflict couples and families, and related work with individuals around relationship success and well-being.


In the work I do with families and persons in distressful relationships, I use the following treatment methodologies:
1. Family systems work
2. Dialectical analysis of interactions
3. Communication skills and distress tolerance
4. EMDR to reduce reactivity in relationships and to address past traumas

5. 12 steps

With individuals who are in relationships or looking to have healthy relationships, I treat overscrupulousity and OCPD, sex addiction, internet addiction and food addiction. 



Michelle Rappaport at Experiential Healing Center (She is Jewish and GETS IT)

Experiential Healing Center


See this page for some tips that Michelle share with us once on Elya's Phone Conference in 2008.
Download here another session that Michelle did with us on Elya's Call in 2009.



Richard Leedes PHD (Rabbi Twerski calls him "an excellent therapist")

A CSAT certified sex addiction therapist practicing in New Jersey (A religious Jew).

Tel: 609 497 9323



Rabbi Twerski once wrote us that besides for Richard Leedes (above)...

"At the risk of nepotism, I can also recommend my son,

Dr. Benzion Twerski in Brooklyn, 718-437-4118"



Cell: 201-725-3627


Go to </GUE/stuff/LA%20Letter.May%2015.v2.pdf> to download my practice information.


Lew writes: "I am involved in treating a significant number of sex addicts and their spouses in 2 sites: NYC and NJ. Iíve been in the field of addiction treatment for 30 yrs and ran the Yatzkan center for 7 yrs. I love your web site... One of the healthiest Iíve seenÖ"


Michele Saffier LMFT CSAT

A CSAT certified sex addiction therapist who has worked with Orthodox and Chabad communities, and specializes in working with wives.

Newtown, PA

Tel: 215 552 8938



Dr. Sorotzkin (a great religious therapist, but not trained specifically in addictions)
E-mail: or
Click here for an article by Dr. Sorotzkin exploring the causes behind sexual addictions and therapy methods for dealing with it.

Director of

CENTRE LIFELINE- CHABAD PROJECT PRIDE - (Deals with all types of addictions)
H3W 1X4

TEL: 514.485.5121
MOBILE 514.668.7813


Dr. Richard B. Krueger, M.D. - Specialist in sexual disorders
Sexual Behavior Clinic
New York State Psychiatric Institute
1051 Riverside Drive
Unit # 45
New York, NY 10032-1098
TEL: 212-740-7330
FAX: 212-740-7341

Written by the wife of a porn-addict on the forum at
You are not alone!!!!!!!!! It feels this way because women in this situation do not want to acknowledge it, which is why it is so hard to find help out there. (Rabbi Twerski told me this when I contacted him about this). My husband just saw Dr. Richard Krueger in NYC (Columbia U). He recommended a group that my husband attended 2x so far. Many say that a group is the only way to go. (Rabbi Twerski being one of them).

Dr. Michael Ian Rothenberg, Ph.D., LCSW
Please feel free to call at: 407-797-5468
or email me at:
The Center for Counseling and Sexual Health, P.A
705-A Executive Drive
Winter Park, Fl

Often internet addiction can be a result of low self-esteem, anxiety, or even a bad childhood. Talk over your issues with:
R' Moshe Brodey, PH.d
Cell: 240-304-7456.
On-line therapy options (video conferencing).