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Rabbi Avraham Twerski's Advice

R' Avraham J. Twerski, a world renowned expert on addictions, author of over 50 books and a true Gadol and pioneer in Klal Yisrael, is one of the guiding forces behind our site. (Click here for his website). It was through his advice and help that this site was made possible, and he continues to contribute to our network and offer us guidance. Rabbi Twerski is often quoted throughout this site, in articles, tips and advice.


Click here for a warm endorsement that Rabbi Twerski wrote about our work.


"I doubt that at any time in our history has there been as grave a threat to the morality of our people and to the stability of the Jewish family as the plague of addiction to internet pornography. It has ruined more marriages than anything. It has ruined families. It's been terribly destructive. The "Guard Your Eyes" website is saving lives and families. Much more can be done to extend this invaluable program, but support is necessary to allow its continuing function and expansion.  Supporting this life-saving cause is a great mitzvah."



Below are some links to various different articles and correspondence that we have had with R' Twerski. We thank him for taking of his precious time to contribute advice and wisdom to us, and to all of Klal Yisrael for these pressing issues in today's world.


Click the link to listen to a 4 Minute Audio Clip from Rabbi Twerski (about the danger of internet addiction, and how easy it is to get pulled in)


Rabbi Twerski Shares with us Inspirational Tidbits


Rabbi Twerski answers and addict who writes to him for help


Ilan shares with us his correspondence, where Rabbi Tweski mentions our website


Ilan shares with us more correspondence


Advice for those tempted to look at forbidden pictures, and a Tikkun


Rabbi Twerski's answers to some important questions about the 12 Step Groups.


Rabbi Twerki's advice to a long-time addict struggling with the loss of his "highs"


Rabbi Twerki's advice on dealing with the "Void" after stopping the addictive behaviors


Rabbi Twerki answers someone who claims that he cannot stop masturbating


Rabbi Twerski shares with us an article called "The Cancer of the Internet"


When can an addict start dating?


Do I need to let my prospective marriage partner know about my (past) addiction?


Rabbi Twerki clarifies for us the exact nature of Lust Addiction


Do I need a therapist?


Rabbi Twerski sent us an article he wrote: "Ulysses"


How about a Torah based 12-Step program?


Are Live 12-Step SA groups for everyone?


Speaking to Rabbi Twerski about our Work for the First Time


A Woman Writes to Rabbi Twerski about a Serious SA Addiction


The Gay Therapist


Am I an Addict?


Iím pretty sure my husband is addicted. What do I do?


Hamodia articles by Rabbi Twerski on the issue of internet addiction


Rabbi Twerski answers someone who went off the derech as a result of the internet


An article in Hamodia where Rabbi Twerski answers someone struggling


Another article in Hamodia where Rabbi Twersk talks about this addiction


The importance of Group Support


A long Article about how Rabbi Twerski's 12-Step approach fits in with Torah (PDF)


One of the leading causes of addiction is an inner void, low self-esteem and/or depression. Hear from Rabbi Twerski about finding direction and happiness in life! Download this MP3 file interview (right-click and press "Save Target As") of Rabbi Twersky by Arutz Sheva. Click here for a transcript of the interview.


What Should We Tell Kids? - Correspondence with Rabbi Twerski about how to broach the subject of intimacy with children.


Listen to Rabbi Twerski discuss his own personal struggle with self-esteem. Click here. Very interesting!


Some of Rabbi Twerski's Book's that can help those struggling in these areas


"Addictive Thinking" - Understanding the nature of an addiction. Learning to differentiate between "when the addiction is talking" and true honesty.


"Self Improvement? I'm Jewish" - Showing how the 12 steps are essentially the same strategies described by the Sifrei Mussar


"Happiness and the Human Spirit" - Human beings are more than just intelligent animals. Happiness in human beings is achieved only by fulfilling that which we were created for. Finding happiness in temporary "highs", prevents a person from finding true inner happiness.


The Important Distinction between Guilt vs. Shame


How our Perception of ourselves affects how others perceive us